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Since 1996, Spysite.com has been providing security, surveillance and spy equipment to various types of customers – parents, law enforcement, private investigators, homeowners and more. We offer spy gear equipment for a wide variety of needs, and at Spysite.com, we will work with you to find the right surveillance and security solution. When you buy your spy gear equipment from us, you have full access to our knowledgeable expert staff members who will work with you to ensure you are successful and protected. All sales are confidential and in stock items ship same-day in discreet packaging; and we are available for support after your purchase to help you conduct surveillance with your new spy equipment. Unlike some stores that offer spy products for ‘play’, Spysite’s products are primarily spy equipment for adults – professional quality surveillance gear with support and service from experts.

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We understand that your needs are specific to a personal situation. Spysite.com understands that you want to keep your purchases and inquiries private. Be assured that your transactions with us and your information; including purchase information, is handled with confidentiality. If you feel uneasy about an online transaction, we welcome you to stop by our store or call our customer support center. You can achieve what you want without leaving a trail for others to follow.

Fitness Band Recorder Air Freshener Camera

Voice Recorder Fitness Band 4GB - 70 hours of recording time!

Hidden Camera Air Freshener with Digital Video Recorder. This Air Freshener camera features motion detection, 1280x960 at up to 30fps, 72 degree viewing angle, color video recording, up to 30 hour battery life, and supports up to 32GB Micro SD Card. Used by business owner, homeowners and parents - easy to use.