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Real Spy Gadgets for Kids!


The next James Bond has to start somewhere! At Spy Site, we carry one of the widest selections of real kids spy gear anywhere on the internet, allowing them to carry out their own special missions and giving them the ability to create their own super-secret spy adventures!

Unlike some toy stores or online retailers, our real spy gadgets for kids actually work, with real voice recording capability in our secret audio recorder pens; and night vision goggles that allow for extra special night time missions! Whatever mission your little one sets off on, provide them with the cool spy gadgets from the pros at Spy Site. Looking for a birthday party idea? Kids spy gear makes for extra fun with more agents on the mission, and will be memorable for years!

Kids Spy Gear & More

Our selection goes beyond just kids spy gear – we carry many spy gag gifts and unique presents for lovers of spy movies and secret agents. For the extra special spy in your life, consider the Spy Video TRAKR – a remote RC car that records video! Whatever you need to make someone’s birthday special or inspire your smallest secret agents, Spy Site carries it, with a helpful staff who can assist you in every step of the purchasing process. Browse our selection below.

Spy Toys Hidden Safes & Wallets

Get the little ones in your life a gift they will love. Plan a party with a Spy/Detective theme! These engaging Spy Toys are suitable for ages 5+

Travel wallets and Hidden safes. Excellent ways to hide valuables in plain sight - Can safes and other Safes.
Spy Novelties
Various spy tools, gag gifts, and other spy paraphernalia
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Spy Shopping Spree Key Lock
Travel Lock
Our Price: $1.00
SpySite Gift card - Spy Shopping Spree - Gift the gift of shopping!
Key Lock travel locks. Add a little extra security to your belongings! Use the locks for luggage, lockers, carry-on bags while at the airport or train, and many other places.
Ultraviolet Marking Pen Combination Lock
UV Marking Pen
Our Price: $3.50
2 Dial Lock
Our Price: $5.00
UV marking pen. Invisible writing to conduct audits, shrinkage tests, secret messaging, controlling duplicate sensitive documents such as coupons and surveys, plus many more uses! Want to have fun with your kids? Write them UV ink messages for them to decode in a spy scavenger hunt! Two dial Combination Lock. Slim design and featuring a re-settable combination small lock.
Nightspyer Toy Spy Voice Scrambler Gear Toy
Our Price: $6.95
Voice Scrambler
Our Price: $6.95
Nightspyer Spy Gear Toy - See in the dark Kids Voice Changer
Outdoor Hidden Safe Pre-Board Pouch
Thermometer Wall Safe
Our Price: $9.95
Pre-Board Pouch Wallet
Our Price: $10.00

Outdoor Hidden Wall Safe - ideal for spare keys

Compartmentalized Airport Wallet - Document Organizer.

Hidden Pocket Neck Pouch
Hidden Pocket Wallet
Our Price: $12.00
Neck Pouch Wallet
Our Price: $12.00
Compartmentalized Ultra Slim Travel Wallet

Compartmentalized Ultra Slim Travel Wallet with Loop - Light Document and cash pouch

Passport Money Case Spy Micro Ear Gear Toy
Micro Ear Gear - Silver
Our Price: $13.95

Compartmentalized Ultra Slim Travel Wallet Zippered Pockets and adjustable waist band.

Hear around corners & See in the dark
SpySite Sapphire Pocket Light Ajax Hidden Can Safe
Ajax Can Safe
Our Price: $15.00
SpySite Sapphire Pocket LED Light. The new features allow this miniature light to operate with Constant-on, Flashing Strobe, and International SOS signaling modes. Replaceable PowerPak battery provides easy maintenance and as always Lifetime Guarantee for the crystal is included.

Ajax Hidden Can Safe - Can stash safe - Hide stuff in plain sight!

Cruex Hidden Can Safe Desenex Hidden Can Safe
Cruex Can Safe
Our Price: $15.00
Desenex Can Safe
Our Price: $15.00

Cruex Jock Itch Hidden Can Safe

Desenex Foot Spray Hidden Can Safe - Hide things in plain sight!

JB Engine Degreaser Hidden Can Safe Liquid Wrench Hidden Can Safe
Liquid Wrench Can Safe
Our Price: $15.00

JB Engine Degreaser Hidden Can Safe

Liquid Wrench Hidden Can Safe - Stash can for hiding things in plain sight!

Scotch Guard Hidden Can Safe Scotch Guard Pet Hidden Can Safe
Scotch Guard Can Safe
Our Price: $15.00
Scotch Guard Pet Can Safe
Our Price: $15.00

Scotch Guard Hidden Can Safe - store things in plain sight!

Scotch Guard Pet Hidden Can Safe - hide things cleverly!