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Voice Transformer - Professional Voice Changer

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Professional Voice Changer - Voice Transformer

Our newest voice transformer features the Roland transformer re-engineered for telephone use. This professional use voice changer is an investigator's true best friend. Capable of not just altering your own voice pitch, you can actually create credible voices and assign settings such as gender, pitch, and so much more.

Easy slider design, allows for seamless changes and easy to maneuver setting adjustments. This modern voice changer is compatible with many cell phones, landline phones, and even computers. 

  • Fully customizable voice options

  • Save different voice presets

  • Best used with mobile phones

Our professional voice changer allows for smooth and instant adjustments to pitch, tone, octave, timbre and reverberation. Easily create voices that are female, male, young or old, plus many more fun and artistic voices for those needing some special effects!

Unlike other models, our phone voice changer can adjust voice changes without the need for a phone to be connected, so you are free to experiment without hassle. Store up to 8 voices in the memory, so you can switch between voices quickly and with ease.

Since cellphones are constantly changing it is difficult to have an all inclusive list of compatible cell phones; however we have found that the professional voice changer is compatible with most cellphones that use a TRRS 3.5mm jack, such as iPhone® and Android® devices. 

So far compatibility is confirmed with Android® phones, and with iPhone® models 4 through 11. Note: iPhone® models 7 and higher require the use of the Apple® Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter MMX62AM/A (This was included with your iPhone® if purchased prior to October 2018, it now can be purchased separately from Apple®; it is not included with this unit). There are hundreds of different cellular telephones on the market and not all have the same headset/ microphone functionality.

This voice changer is compatible with cell phones which use a connection type for headphones with a microphone configured in TRRS (tip, ring, ring, sleeve) format. However, even this configuration has 2 types. Compatibility is limited to phones that use TRRS with a pinout of Left Audio, Right Audio, Ground, Microphone. Consult your cell phone specifications or supplier to determine compatibility.

If you are using the voice changer with a land line phone you must use standard single-line analog desk telephones connected to a standard telephone company single line telephone wall jack. If the telephone has a speakerphone option, that option will not be useable. It is not compatible with cordless telephones or dial-in-handset telephones.

Voice Changer Features:

  • Fully customizable voice options
  • Save up to 8 different voice presets
  • Best used with mobile phones
  • This is not a regular ROLAND voice transformer. It has been redesigned for use with phones!

Voice Changer Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 6.9” x 5.3” x 2.3”
  • AA battery operation
  • Compatible with most cell phone devices
  • Compatible with analog single line land line telephones
  • Not compatible with multi-line phones
  • Not compatible with cordless phones
  • Not compatible with home phones with dial pads on handset
  • Powered by four AA alkaline batteries (included), or via a USB cable (not included).
  • Comes complete with headset, microphone, cables, carry/storage case, and manual.



Ask a Question
  • Will this device have me talking just like Optimus Prime or any of the transformer

    Thanks fo reaching out. Voice changers give different sounds to every person that uses it based on settings and your natural voice. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to duplicate any specific voice.

  • Is it work with iPhone 14 And what headphone we use Can u send pic or explain to me ,, other question this product may no allowed in my country Can u send as a toy or in box as radio or any other device to pass easily Thank u

    Hello, the kit comes with what you need to use it with your mobile device. You may just have to purchase a 3.5 to lightning or Type-C adapter (depending on what your phone uses). We can add this adapter for you for a nominal fee. Customs declarations forms normally use rather generic descriptions to prevent delays and theft.

  • Hey Hello, Can we change male to female voice by using this tool.

    Hi! potentially. This voice changer works by changing your own voice. You can fully customize your voice and changing the pitch and octave you can accomplish realistic voices that can sound male or female.