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4K Wifi Car Keyfob Hidden Camera DVR

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4 K Wifi Car Keyfob Hidden Camera DVR - See LIVE from your smartphone!

Our most wanted wearable hidden camera. This bodyworn spy camera system rivaled by none is truly impressive. Record at full 30FPS in 1080P or 25FPS at 4K UHD quality! Ideal for investigators and detectives but easy to use so that anyone looking for true quality can use it.

Set up is easy. On the go action makes this Rapidly deployable Surveillance kit (RDSK) a must have for your investigative purposes.

Keyfob looks just like that of luxury vehicles and because you will be using 4K quality this body camera is ready for on the go surveillance. With 4K technology things like rapid movement blurs and out of focus scenes due to movement are a thing of the past. Your video quality of video evidence will improve 4000 fold! 

No need to wait for memory card access to see what is going on, simply connect the camera's wifi network and SEE it it all from wherever you are up to 150 feet (wifi range may vary based on your location). No subscriptions, so your recordings are yours always and you never have contracts to renew or limitations on recording space or number of recordings per month.

Easy to set up with an intuitive APP so you and your team can be getting to business right away. Battery lasts up to 90 minutes and even supports record while charging.

Recording video and sounds is quick and easy. Gather your evidence in the most discrete ways. Don't settle for cheap alternatives, once you have experienced 4K on one of our spy cameras you will never choose any other. While you cannot listen live; any recordings of live sessions and DVR sessions will record with sound and you can play those save files from the APP or computer with sound.

Compatible with both PC and MAC, just plug to any USB port of your computer to retrieve files and manage recordings. Or simply retrieve the included memory card and card reader too!

You will find yourself impressed with the microphone sensitivity and clarity too. You can easily pick up conversations even at 15+ feet. 

If you are looking for a camera to use in a work environment and even at home or as a nanny camera, this keychain hidden camera DVR might be just the right choice. 

The spy vehicle key chain camera has a 75 degree angle provides ample coverage for any requirement and Android and iPhone support gives you mobility and added functionality. You don't even need a computer to get this RSDK going!

Comes with all you really need! Including a 128GB memory, USB card reader and charging USB cable. 

There are no clouding fees or subscription, so no surprise costs of any kind.


4K Keychain Hidden Camera Features:

  • Records both video and sound
  • 4K UDH High definition video quality - BEST
  • Continuous recording modes
  • Records while charging
  • No installation required
  • Easy set up and operation
  • Selectable Time and date stamp
  • Selectable Time and date watermark
  • Short Range Wifi Connectivity for live video 
  • Live view recordings will include voice and video 

Please note: This camera cannot be accessed remotely. The maximum transmission range is 150 feet and may vary based on local conditions affecting wifi connections.

4K Wifi Car Keyfob Spy Camera Specifications:

  • Lens Angle: 75
  • Supported memory: 32GB-128GB
  • Avg memory consumption: 8 minutes/1GB 
  • Video: 4K25FPS:3840*2160;
  • Video file: MP4 format
  • Rechargeable battery: 900 mA 
  • Battery life: 90 minutes

Your 4K Wifi Keychain Camera Includes:

  • Short-Range Wi-Fi Hidden Camera
  • USB Cable
  • 128GB Memory
  • USB Card Reader
  • Keychain
  • Instructions


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