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Coffee Lid Spy Camera DVR with Night Vision

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Portable Spy Coffee Lid Camera with Night Vision

A cup of coffee is something most of us grab several times a day. In fact, there is likely no work environment where you will not find cups of coffee or tea at all times. Now you can take advantage of this highly portable and consumable item when it comes to surveillance.

This spy camera has all the features you want and is super easy to use:

  • 1080P quality for sharp videos
  • Great microphone so you can record what is being said
  • Watermark stamp so you know when things happened
  • Night vision to see even in low light rooms 
  • Support recordings while charging

Gathering evidence is hard, let this tool be a helping hand in your investigation. The coffee cup lid hidden camera is a versatile body worn camera that can be used in many situations. Here are some uses to give you an idea:

At work
At school
At home
On the go
In the car
While traveling

    Who is using this spy camera?
    People just like you and these other folks too:

    Law enforcement
    Private investigators

        The reasons are many as to why someone would need a camera system like this coffee cup lid recorder, however for you it might be just as simple as having to know the truth one way or another. 

         The coffee lid spy camera is easy to use for gathering evidence for sexual harassment, abuse, negligence, and even to prevent corporate espionage!

        There are other more fun uses and you can be creative with those too. For instance, you can use this as a nanny camera and catch priceless moments that come spontaneously. You can also use it with friends and even to record classes and conferences if you just don't have the head to remember it all and are not a good note taker.


        This common coffee cup lid can be used with many cups to suit your style. We even give you a start up cup. No one will suspect that it’s actually a wearable spy camera with night vision! Its compact design makes this spy camera easy to carry anywhere and its night vision function allows you to use the camera in almost any light condition. 

        Ideal for recording conversations and video footage while driving in your car, during meetings, visitations, and pretty much any time. Do it all with the built-in HD camera for flawless video and crisp audio.  

        This body worn spy camera can be carried and also works great in kitchens and entry ways as you can easily set it on any table. The HD camera and DVR are built right into the lid and are paired with a cleverly placed microphone.

        A concealed switch lets you quickly select recording options, so you can change recording quality and even engage night vision mode as the day progresses. 

        True high definition video recordings at 1080P for clear videos that capture the moment. This spy camera will save its videos in AVI format, so you can easily play the recordings using any media player already installed in your computer whether MAC or PC. A high capacity for memory handling allows you to use cards as large as 32GB! 

        Take videos with voice anytime.

        Wearable Spy Coffee Cup Lid Camera Features:

        • Coffee Cup Lid design - blends easily
        • Color camera and night vision option - more flexibility
        • Video resolution: 1920 x 1080 - for crisp recordings
        • Memory: Supports up to 32GB MicroSD Cards for maximum recording time
        • Watermark and time and date stamp so you know when things happened
        • Supports recording while charging!

        Spy Coffee Cup Lid Camera Technical Specifications:

        • Video format: AVI
        • Lens Angle: 90°
        • Image resolution: Adjustable: 1920 x 1080 or 720P
        • File Size: 12 minutes per 1GB
        • Memory: Supports Up to 32GB MicroSD Cards
        • Time & Date Stamp
        • Watermark
        • Battery life: ~ 7 hours with IR off / 5 hours with IR on
        • Supports recording while charging
        NOTE: *Surreptitious third-party interception of conversations is illegal under federal law. It is the buyer's responsibility to check state and local restrictions on recording your own two-party conversations.*


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          Thank you for sharing your question. On this model Keychain Spy Camera the charging is timed. There is no visual indication of full charge. In order to achieve a full charge, charge the unit for 4-6 hours.

        • how do you change the time zone for time and date stamp? how do you set the time and date?

          Thanks for reaching out. Time and date set up varies based on production versions of the Teacup & Coffee Cup Lid Camera. The best thing to do is to call us at 845-371-0000 with your order number handy. This way we can locate your order and reference the correct proceedure for your camera.

        • when will this be in stock again?

          This item is pending component availability and remains out of stock due to supply chain delays. To be notified when it becomes avaiable simply click here and click on "Notify me when available" located under the quantity selection of the product. Thank you!