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HD Interactive Doll Toy - Dog Camera & Recorder

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Motion Activated Plush Dog Toy Nanny Camera

This plush Puppy Doll retains all the original fun and interactive features of the original toy, however we have put a spin on this long beloved puppy doll and added piece of mind for concerned parents!

Let your child play and learn with this fully interactive plush dog while it records every interaction! Whether it's getting great videos of that contagious little laugh or ensuring child care goes as planned, the puppy cam is your best friend.

Powered by an internal battery, the puppy cam nanny camera easily records video and voices. With two selectable modes (continuously or with motion) our puppy cam can record for hours and the battery has enough power to get you through a whole day! Ample 30 hour battery and up to 128GB of memory allows you to catch every moment from dusk until dawn! 

All videos are stored onto the internal memory! Fully functional interactive doll. Just turn on and start recording video and sound in seconds!

Construction of this nanny camera is so meticulous that even while handling the camera it is virtually invisible to the eye, making the puppy cam a great solution for more than just home videos.

Recordings can be marked with time and date stamp too, so if things turn into more than childs play, you can be sure to have what you need to turn over to authorities and support your case.

To review the video simply connect the USB cable (included) to the internal memory and use your computer to review the recorded footage. 

Want to save the recordings? Just copy and paste to your computer or any other media such as a flash stick, a memory card or even a CD. Once you have cleared the memory you can now use it again to record more videos!

Puppy Cam Nanny Camera:

  • Easy to use and carry!
  • Runs on batteries - no power cables!
  • High Definition video quality - 1920 x 1080 @ 30FPS
  • Motion detection or continuous modes
  • Fully functional Plush Puppy Doll

Technical Specifications of PuppyCam:

  • Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080 color video
  • Viewing Angle: 90°
  • Max Recording time per ~1GB: 15 minutes
  • Storage: Internal 128GB Memory
  • Compatible with PC and MAC

Included with this Nanny Camera:

  •     1 Puppy Cam Nanny Camera - toy may vary slightly from images shown.
  •     1 Remote Control
  •     1 Charging Cable
  •     1 Instruction Booklet



Ask a Question
  • Where is the camera & how do you activate? IS it Wi-Fi?

    Hello and Thank you for Browsing and for your question. The camera lens of this HD Interactive Doll Toy-Dog video camera and recorder is located in the eye of the doll. To turn the camera on/off, access the recordings etc there is access located under the rear of the dogs shirt. While the unit you are asking the question about is not wifi, there is a Wifi Version which I linked here for you. It has all the same functionality plus it is Wifi. If you have any further questions etc. please let us know.....