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Hardcore Submission Fighting

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Hardcore Submission Fighting - Fighting from the Guard Position

by Nicholas Starks

Hardcore Submission Fighting - Fighting from the Guard Position, the Mounted Position, and Dynamic Throws and Takedowns by Nicholas Starks In a no-holds-barred confrontation, if you're not prepared to fight on the ground, you're not prepared to fight.

Starks provides detailed instruction in literally dozens of punishing arm locks, leg locks, chokes, cranks, throws and submissions.

He also reveals the secrets of fighting and winning from both the guard and the mounted position, as well as how to integrate your striking and grappling skills into the ultimate fighting art. Color, approx. 70 min. Media Type: VHS, NTSC/U.S. standard

Video Specifications:

  • Media Type: VHS NTSC
  • Volume: 2
  • Length: approx 70 minutes


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