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Book-The Travel Wrench Key Ring - CLEARANCE ITEM

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Paperback-The Travel Wrench Key Ring by Kelly S. Worden

This book aims at showing you how easy it is to use the travel wrench key ring for self defense even when you are at a physical disadvantage.

The book shows and instructs implementing the travel wrench key ring in several self defense oriented scenarios. Worden seamlessly guides you through each training segment in a progressive and cohesive manner. Whether you are a novice seeking practical realistic options for personal protection or an advanced practitioner in quest of a logical path to directness, this book provides excellent tips for you to protect yourself.

Includes techniques from Principals of Philippine Martial Arts, Concepts of JKD, Footwork, Empty Hand Striking Techniques, Evasive Maneuvers, Strikes, Locks and Foot Traps 

A Kelly Worden video. Color Movie. Running time: ~60 Minutes


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