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Emerson EVC1500 Video System Converter

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Video System Conversion Tool

The Emerson video converter is a fantastic tool for specialized video needs that revolve around highly customized video set ups needing video conversion capabilities or for those looking to move a video system to another country.

A video converter allows you to take an NTSC (mostly used in the USA) and change its output for compatibility with PAL systems. This particular converter system is compatible with PAL N and PAL M protocols. These are mostly used in Brazil, Argentina and other South American countries that use PAL protocol for video processing.

Why do you need a video system converter? Because if you try and connect an NTSC video source such as a CCTV camera to a PAL system the video standard will not be compatible. In general, your system may behave erratically or not function at all.

There are two main video systems world wide: NTSC and PAL. NTSC is generally the standard for US electronics and PAL is mostly used in Europe, Asia and certain countries in South America. Generally speaking a video system that consumes 110 volts uses NTSC and 220-240 uses PAL. These video systems process video signals differently and are not compatible with each other.


Technical Specifications:

  • Product dimensions: 9 x 7.2 x 2.2 inches ; 1.5 pounds
  • Takes your NTSC video equipment compatible with PAL color TV systems
  • Uses standard phone jacks
  • Converts any NTSC video input to PAL M or PAL N output system
  • AC adapter and phono cables included
  • Effective in Brazil, Argentina, and most of South and Central America



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