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AT Vehicle GPS Tracker

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Track your Assets and Increase your Bottom Line

The AT-X5 is not the AT-V3 GPS vehicle tracker.It has a new compact design and is a hard-wired GPS tracker that is water and weather resistant as well as dust proof. Perfect for use on fleet vehicles and motorcycles.

An anti-jamming antenna is built-in ensuring that common signal jammers do not affect the device or your ability to track the vehicle and obtain information on it.

This Vehicle tracking device features 1 ignitioninput, 1 additional input and 1 output. Just enough for small business use and not too complicated so you can still use it for personal GPS tracking of your vehicle. Tracking has changed the way we live and work. Now, your business can make the most of its drivers and its vehicles.

Analyzing new ways to save money, save gas, enhance customer response time, finding the physical location of your assets and more is possible even for the smallest of businesses. Keep tabs on important deliveries or monitor new drivers to ensure proper use of your vehicle and time. Get notifications right to your cellphone or computer for things like over speed alerts, when the vehicle leaves the route, or when the car is turned on and many more.

The AT-V3 combined with our GPS tracking service delivers LIVE results that are sure to help your bottom line and piece of mind. See current location on your phone, tablet, or computer. All you need is internet access and you have immediate access to GPS tracking data where ever you are.

The online based tracking console lets you see turn by turn all vehicle movement. You can even view multiple vehicles at the same time! Verify if your field technicians are on site when they bill a service call, ensure the most efficient routes are used, discover new ways to improve your business logistics. With more than 80 customizable logs and reports you can identify problems before they happen and also identify exemplary performance by otherwise overlooked employees.

It has a low cost of operation and is extremely simple to use and implement; you will wonder why you did not sign up sooner. Start tracking GPS data for your business vehicles today and enjoy all the benefits of knowing where your money is going. You can use the AT-V3 to track your personal collection of vehicles and you can even ensure use of any vehicle is monitored. This comes in particularly handy when you have young drivers that need to be monitored or when you need to know all the places your spouse frequents.

Set virtual fences to alert you if your vehicle leaves a designated area, be notified via email or text message of vehicle activity. This unit even has a backup battery that will continue to work even if the vehicle lacks power but it is moving.

The AT-V3 is simple t
o install and since it is so small, installation can be achieved discretely and covertly.

Service to over 120 countries! Your GPS service also includes:

  • Access to the online based GPS console
  • Real time tracking status and data
  • 90-day historical playback
  • Text and email alerts
  • Automatically generated email reports
  • Over 100 reports to effectively manage GPS data - Great for making business decisions that impact the bottom line
  • Unlimited support
  • Seamless hassle free automated billing
  • Activation available to over 120 countries
  • Fast activation of a new or used unit
  • Individual account set up for single or multiple GPS units
  • and much more!

To see service details and supported countries click here. All units are set with United States as the service area unless you specify different prior to activation.

GPS Technical Specifications:

  • Dimension: 3.268 in x 2.913 in x 0.787 inches
  • Product Power Supply: Battery Backup / Hard-wired.
  • Battery Life: [BACK-UP ONLY] 2 days at 30 minute updates, standard tracking at 10-sec updates.
  • Extended Battery: No
  • Portable: No.
  • Antenna: Internal
  • 1 ignition input, 1 additional input and 1 output.
  • Water resistant body 

gps tracker information - geofence


gps tracker information - location


gps tracker information - zoom in


gps tracker information - options



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