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Cellphone Spy MobilePlus

Smart Phone Monitoring Software - Cellphone Spy MobilePlus


  • $ 15000

Monitor ALL Phone activity, location and even Remote Access Camera & Microphone -BETA

MobilePlus Mobile Monitoring Software is a powerful software that lets you monitor a cellphone usage completely! Parents, employers and even agents managing assets will find the service to be highly indispensable.

MobileSpy Features

Knowing everything that you need to keep your child safe is simple. Just install the software on the phone and you can access all the information right from the web based dashboard. You can even set up email alerts that are triggered by customized keywords so you can take action immediately. 

Everything is neatly grouped so you can focus only on the things that you want to review, or if you want you can view it all!

  • Monitor instant messages

  • Record phone calls

  • Listen remotely & record

  • Find GPS location

  • View photos, videos, contacts and more!

For agents managing assets, the remote camera access and remote microphone present a fantastic way to gather intel and evidence. You won't have to rely on "wires" or even on your CI's recollection of what happened. You can be part of everything whenever your investigation needs it. 

MobileSpy Dashboard

The phone remains fully functional and you can decide whether to hide or not the software. When fully concealed, the user and anyone else handling the phone will not be alerted in any way of the MobilePlus Cellphone Spy software. 

Works on Android, iOS (Apple) devices. Limited features available for Blackberry and Symbian devices.

MobileSpy Customizable Reporting

What to do this with an iPad and/or computer? Checkout the complete software lineup!

Select RENEWAL option to extend your existing license. 

Complete List of Features

Ready to see what you have been missing? Great! Just a few things to keep in mind:

  • For full access you will need to jailbreak or root the phone. (not as difficult as it sounds!)
  • The last step of the installation lets you decide if you would like to run the software hidden or on plain sight.
  • You WILL need to have physical access to the phone you want to monitor and any unlocking passwords if there is one set up.
Phone Spying

Phone Calls

  • Listen to live calls
  • Record calls (5)
  • Call logs (6)
  • VOIP call logs (6)
  • VOIP call recording (6)
  • Listen to phone surroundings
  • Record phone surroundings (8)
  • Spy on Facetime cam (3)


  • Read SMS messages
  • Read MMS messages (8)
  • Send fake SMS messages
  • Delete SMS messages containing keywords (8)
  • Read emails

Spy on Messages

Spy on Passwords


  • Spy on passcodes (6)
  • Spy on application passwords (6)
  • Spy on email passwords (6)


  • View GPS location
  • Track phone
  • Find where they go and where they are at all times!

GPS Tracking

Spy on Chats


Instagram Spy

IM Chats

  • WhatsApp (6)
  • Facebook and FBMessenger (6)
  • Viber (6)
  • Line (6)
  • Skype (6)
  • WeChat (6)
  • iMessage (4)
  • BBM (4)
  • Blackberry PIN (2)
  • Yahoo Messenger (6)
  • Hangouts (6)
  • KIK (1)
  • Telegram (1)
  • Tinder (6)
  • Instagram (6)
  • QQ (1)
  • Hike (1)


  • See video files recorded with phone
  • See image files taken with phone
  • Listen to audio files recorded with phone

Multimedia Spy

Spy Remotely

Spy Remotely

  • Take pictures using phone's camera (8)
  • Restart the phone remotely (6)
  • Check battery life
  • SMS remote commands


  • See webpages visited (6)
  • Access bookmarks (6)


Internet Activity Monitoring

Application Spying


  • Access contacts
  • See calendar entries (6)
  • See notes (4)
  • Review installed apps (8)
  • View program activity


  • Be aware of SIM card changes
  • Be notified when specific contacts are called
  • Create your own alerts!
Alert management

Spy in secret

Spy in Secret

  • Hide jailbreak (4)
  • Hide SuperSU (1)
  • Hide installation from application list and task manager

Easy to Use

  • Easy to install
  • Online remote commands
  • Upgrades & updates included
  • Flexible service renewal options
  • Easy deactivation
  • Easy uninstallation

Easy to do


Compatibility key

 1  Android Android 2 Blackberry Blackberry 3 iPad iPad
iPad iPhone iPad & iPhone android iphone Android & iPhone androidiphoneiPad Android & iPhone & iPad
7 Not on iPad Not on iPad 8 Not on Blackberry Not on Blackberry 9 Not on Symbian Not on Symbian



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