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Wifi Black Box Mini Spy Camera & DVR - Wireless Hidden Camera


WiFi Motion Activated Motorized Black Box Hidden Spy Camera - Ultra Small and Portable!

Ideal for on the go surveillance, this mini Wi-Fi camera is easily concealed in plain sight. For those who desire a more discrete placement, you will find that this mini spy camera is easily to disguise and finding places to hide it will be fairly simply.

Easy to set up even if you are not computer savvy. In fact you don't even need a computer! All you need is a smart phone or tablet to set up and use this spy camera and all of its modern features. No need to know networking and should you get stuck, we are here for you!
secret A non-descriptive and miniature design allows this camera to be used in a variety of applications. There is no camera hole and the camera is hard to see even during close inspection. Whether you decide to hide it or just leave it in plain sight, this camera easily blends in and offers most sought after features.

Supports mobile set up to give you functionality and control wherever you go, even while traveling internationally. Ideal for home surveillance, but truly designed for on the go business video surveillance and law enforcement applications. Locally record on to a memory card and stream audio and video feed right to your phone, tablet or local computer. You also can record live video and audio to your phone!


Record with motion activation and be notified via text or email of activity. Ample recording time let you record up to 106+ hours of recording time in full HD video quality and with sound or cycle record and let it loop until something of interest happens, then stop looping right from your phone!   

WiFi Take pictures from the live feed and choose whether you want to record voice or not. All the settings are easy to follow and you can change your mind on the fly making this a versatile option for investigators. Connect the black box hidden camera to your local WiFi and access live audio and video anywhere in the world! 

See something you want to record to your phone as it happens live? How about take a picture of the live feed? You can do that with just 1 click! All live recordings and pictures will be stored in the app for you to quickly access them without waiting to retrieve the memory card.

Even more ways to use and place! Use the magnetic bottom to firmly secure in place.


 This spy hidden camera uses a MicroSD card (included) that easily connects to your computer for download or just use a card reader (sold separately) to access the contents of your memory card. Alternatively you can use the optional phone reader/writer and you wont even need a computer to manage, view and delete your recorded videos.


Place the spy camera on any table, shelf, desk or find that spot in your home or business that looks like was meant just for it. The sleek design is modern and blends well. Ideal for on the go video surveillance and settings requiring ample video coverage (like when watching the kids and the nanny) secret

A 90 degree camera captures a wide angle in most rooms and strategically placed you can easily cover a fairly large space with a single camera. Want more? Swipe your finger during live play right or left and the camera will change its view accordingly. Sweet! Now even if a target moves around you can actively follow it live, so you wont miss a thing.

Use the panning function also to find the best placement for the camera without compromising on appearances. No need to have oddly placed items. Just set the camera down on its most inconspicuous spot and move the camera from inside to angle and get the best shot.

Recordings are saved in universal formats so sharing your recorded files is easy and does not require special software or players. Operate on battery for up to 4 hours or plugin for longer recording times.

Remember: when connected to WiFi you can view live audio and video from anywhere using your cellphone, tablet, or computer. You can even make changes to your camera system and adjust light and other settings right from your smartphone or tablet!

You will love the ability to receive alerts when motion is detected, because you can immediately see what is going on and take action if necessary. Best of all, this full featured surveillance system has no cloud or other ongoing costs. You can access all these features again and again for FREE!

app store The powerful mobile app lets you easily change all recording settings with just a few click and you can do it from anywhere at any time! For instance you can set to record only when there is motion, on a schedule, or all day. You can change the video resolution for when your network runs slow or when you need more recording time, receive on-screen alerts or via email and much more. Keep it simple or dive in to use the many advance options included.  google play
This product belongs to our professional line for law enforcement and private investigation. SSS Professional Line

Spy Camera Black Box Features:

  • 128GB memory included!
  • 180° panning capability
  • Choose audio on or off
  • Time and date stamp
  • Time and date watermark
  • Magnetic bottom for secure installation
  • Size: 3.34 x 1.5 x 1.18 inches ( 8.5x 4 x 3 cm)
  • Video quality: 1920 x 1080P HD color video
  • Choose motion detection or continuous recording
  • See video and audio on the go with the free APP
  • Record audio and video - everything you need is included!

Technical Specifications for the Spy Camera Black Box:


    Feature WiFi Model
    Pixels 1 Mega Pixels CMOS 
    Minimum Illumination 1 lux
    Camera Angle 90°
    Video Resolution 1920*1080 (max) - Selectable: 1080, 720, or 640
    Video Format AVI
    Video Compression H.264
    Frames  25 fps
    Photo Resolution 4032 x 3024
    Memory / Storage MicroSD TF Card or Mobile Device
    Maximum Storage Support 128GB Class10 recommended
    Memory Consumption ~51 minutes/GB
    Battery Capacity 950mA
    Charging Time 5-6 Hours
    Battery life ~3-4 hours
    Power Adapter 5 V 2A
    Remote Control Range N/A
    Records while Charging YES
    Motion Detection Record  YES
    Cycle/Loop Recording YES
    Maximum Users 2 concurrent
    APP Supported Yes - iOS and Android
    PC Remote View

    Yes - minimum requirement: Mac OS X or Windows 7 

    Browser Supported Minimum Req. IE7, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
    WiFi Support Yes - P2P
    Alarm Notification Yes

    Spy Black Box Camera Includes:

    • 1 Black Box Mini Spy Camera
    • 2 Concealment Covers (1 pre-installed)
    • 1USB Cable
    • 1 AC Adapter
    • 1 CD
    • 1 Instruction Booklet

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    • Can I see live recording from my iPhone

      Yes! You will be able to see live video and sound from your phone. You will also be able to see previous recordings from your phone too.