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4K UHD Wifi Button Body Worn Camera Recorder with Smartphone Live View

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Portable Hidden Camera with Live Stream

Ideal for in the go surveillance, this button camera offers live streaming via Wi-Fi and onboard recording of both audio and video. 

Whether you are going through a custody issue or are a season investigator, you will love this hidden camera. A twist on timeless bodyworn cameras, this button spy camera can record and stream audio and video at the same time.

Allow your team to access video footage from anywhere, place in a room, or wear it! You can review recordings during and after using the APP and you can view live footage for placement and staff support.

Select sound recording on or off for more flexibility and compliance with local laws. A versatile security solution that works for all sorts of applications. You don't even need a computer. Fully app managed so all you need is your smartphone or tablet. Recordings are safely stored in the memory card and are easily accessible via your mobile device or computer. 

How does it work?

Simply plug the camera in any working outlet and in 15 minutes or less you will be ready to view, review and secure any room!  

Set up is uses a FREE App and your cellphone or tablet. You can also video review and change settings right from the APP.

This security system uses wifi to connect to the camera locally or from anywhere in the world. The set up is wireless and very easy to complete using your phone. Complete and well written instructions are included with every camera, plus you also get unlimited tech support FREE in case you need a little help.

Everything you need is included and there are no cloud services to sign up nor monthly fees of any kind. No subscriptions either! 

Don't have a wifi service? Not a problem. You can still secure your space and carry out surveillance with this camera system. Without wifi service your live access will be limited to max 100 feet, but all other functionality will be accessible. If you do leave simply play back recordings to see what you missed. You can even do it using your phone.

Wifi 4K Button Camera Recorder Features:

  • Live access to video and sound
  • 16GB Memory included!
  • Record with motion
  • Receive alerts
  • Record with or without sound
  • HD quality video so things are clear
  • Easy to set up and use

Wifi Bodyworn Camera DVR Specifications:

  • Video Resolution Phone view: 4K, 1080, 720 Recordings: 720 MP4
  • Frames 15-25fps 
  • Camera Angle 90°
  • Memory Card MSD TF Card max 128GB U1
  • Memory Consumption ~6 hours/1GB
  • Battery life: ~70 minutes
  • APP compatible with Apple and Android
  • Supports Record While Charging
  • Supports Loop/Stop function

What is included:

  • Camera with 16GB Memory
  • USB Cable
  • E-Manual Instructions
  • FREE Tech Support


Ask a Question
  • I am interested in buying this product. But I have some custom buttons available with me. So, I am interested to know whether these buttons will be compatible with this product. The threads on my buttons are of size : M8 with 0.5mm pitch. If my buttons are not compatible, then please provide the button thread dimensions I need to have.

    Hello! Thanks for reaching out. The spec you have requested is not available in our resources to reference. This button camera does not have a removable button, therefore you cannot use other buttons with it. If you must use the buttons referenced we could take a look at making a custom build for you that uses the buttons you have. If you are interested, let us know and we can assist you in exploring.

  • How does the camera connect to wifi? Can I view the camera live?

    The button camera can wirelessly connect to a home, office or dedicated wifi network using the APP. 
    You can view live video and listen to sound live using the App.

  • Does it have clip to attach to clothes without pocket?

    Thanks for your asking your question. If you want to place the button camera on any a garmet where there is no pocket simply slide the button on the garmet button hole and secure the device to the under layer with safety clips or clothing tape. If used on any area that is not a flap closure (as in the vertical buttons of a shirt) contact us for magetic attachment options.

  • How big is the body work camera recorder?

    Hello! the body of the camera would be on the inside of your clothing. There are 2 models. The standard 90 degree camera has a body that is 1.25 x 2.25 inches and the wide angle model is 1.75 x 1.75 inches.

  • Does the camera support autofocus? That is, can the camera focus on text written on a PC monitor? thank you

    Hello. This module camera comes focused at manufacturing level. While you can zoom in and out, that zoom does not use autofocus as it is digital. It will be possible to use for viewing text on a screen. Works great with this add-on hidden remote audio product too.