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Bionic Ear and Booster Combo

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A Powerful Bionic Ear

With superior sound direction, recording capabilities, adjustable volume feedback and auto safety shutoff, the Bionic Ear puts other eavesdropping devices to shame! Now, you can listen to anything from up to 100 yards away!

Used by everyone from law enforcement personnel to wildlife enthusiasts, this powerful yet compact and portable piece of audio surveillance equipment will make sure you don’t miss a sound. For those that enjoy the outdoors, the Bionic Ear and Booster can be used to locate wildlife that wouldn’t be easily heard with the naked ear. For those looking for sound amplification devices for investigation, the Bionic Ear can be used to listen in to conversations covertly, out of sight. The Bionic Ear is also a great replacement for conventional hearing amplifiers, used by the hearing impaired at sporting events, concerts, speeches and more.

The Bionic Ear and Booster is powered by a single 9-volt battery. The device is capable of picking up audio from up to 300 feet away, and is equipped with an output jack that can be used with an external recorder to record the audio that you capture. Automatic safety shut off at 95 decibels ensures no unpleasant, hearing-damaging surprises. Plus, with a one-year manufacturer warranty, you can rest assured that your purchase will be sound.

Note: this product cannot listen through walls or closed windows.


  • Hear a conversation 100 yards away
  • Focus on sound in the direction you point the microphone
  • Tape record what you hear using the Output Jack
  • Further pinpoint sound and reduce background noise with 12" Bionic Booster® parabolic dish
  • Adjustable volume for each ear
  • Automatic safety shut off at 95 decibels
  • Powered by 1- 9 volt battery


Ask a Question
  • Who or what company manufactures the device?

    Thank you for reaching out! Our Bionic ear and Booster is the original bionic ear and booster and is manufactured by the original maker: Silver Creek Industries.

  • Will this product listen through walls?

    No. Unfortunately, this product is not designed for that purpose. In fact, all sound amplifiers are designed to pick up sound waves in the air, this process is interrupted by walls and windows, therefore making it impossible for it to listen through closed windows or walls. If you need such listening device, we recommend you check out the contact microphone (contact us for information on this item). 

  • need detail info. on the "contact microphone",

    The bionic ear and booster is not a contact microphone. It is a long range microphone with amplifier. We do have a contact microphone (AUD101066) available, though it seems to not be listed on our site. The contact microphone will require physical contact with a nearby surface (for instance a wall). If that is what you are looking for then we can provide you more detailed information on it.

  • How do I connect the headset

    Thanks for reaching out. To connect the headset on the bionic ear and booster simply plug the included headset into the bionic ear piece (cylinder looking piece). This connection is usually located at one of the cylinder ends.

  • I need to see exact dimensions and rather I could use ear buds for head phones can you use them?

    Thank you for reaching out!
    The bionic ear and booster sound amplifier has an amplification dish that is 12". You can use other headphones if you prefer as the headphone input is unversal, however keep in mind that the headphones that are included with it allow you to do things like individual ear sound management, therefore it is recommended that you use the product with the accessories it is supplied with.

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