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USB Charging Phone Cable Voice Recorder

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USB Charging Phone Cable Voice Recorder

Voice recording can be crucial to an investigation and can be very helpful in finding the truth about almost anything. In business, recording business deals and HR evaluations can be invaluable and save thousands of dollars in legal fees.

For less corporate applications, a voice recorder can help a parent keep tabs on their teen, aid in gathering evidence in abusive situations and even help build a case when it comes to child custody battles.

This USB phone charging cable is fully functional and compatible with both iPhone and Android phones like Samsung. The difference? This charger not only charges a phone but can also record everything being said in its vicinity.

Simply plug the charging cable to any USB power source. It can be a car charger, a home USB charger cube, or even a USB port on a computer. Once plugged the recorder turns on and seamlessly records every word!

If you need to use the voice recorder to record sounds in a more remote area you can simply use a power bank or other USB portable battery and power the audio recorder using that external battery. 

USB Phone Charger Features:

  • Compatible with iPhone lightning ports
  • Compatible with Android Micro USB ports
  • Super easy to use
  • No special software required
  • Continuous recording for up to 10 days included!
  • Excellent microphone coverage

Technical Specification of the Phone Charger Voice Recorder:

  • Included Memory: 16GB MicroSD
  • Max Supported Memory: 32GB MicroSD  
  • Memory Consumption: 15 hours per 1GB
  • Power: 5V USB
  • Voice Activation: No
  • Time & Date Stamp: No



Ask a Question
  • Do you have thus cable in USB-C?

    Thanks for reaching out. The Type C options for this hidden voice recorder is available with an adapter over micro. Take a look at the updated product listing. Select Type C to see what it will look like.

  • Hi, does the cable only charge or it is fully functional as data & charge both? Thanks!

    Thanks for reaching out. The USB charging cable on this voice recorder is fully functional.