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PRO iCam APP Remote Live View Issue 


October 30 2019

To our valued customers we would like to thank you all for your patience as the 3rd party APPs ProiCam and P2P Live stopped supporting their function of live view bridging. 

Today the developer announced that those applications will not be supported by them and therefore their use should be discontinued by customers that wish to operate the live view of the previously supported cameras.

There will be no further updates implemented to the APPs either. Even if you are not using the live view functionality outside your LAN, the application may at some point become incompatible with GooglePlay Store and the Apple APP store as it will no longer receive updates from the developer.

While the issue is not considered a manufacturing or quality issue as it is not caused by our manufacturing process, cameras or its components, we are eager to do everything possible to support the products that have been sold our company.

In the short future we will be offering resolutions for customers already affected.

The specifics and eligibility guidelines will be posted here soon.

Is your wifi camera not able to connect remotely to view live when you leave the home/office network?

Some models of wi-fi cameras using the Pro iCam and P2P Live applications are experiencing intermittent live view access or no live access at all. 

There is nothing defective with your camera, this issue is a result of 3rd party APP developer programming failure issues.

Here is a list of the most likely models to be affected:

Most cameras with a network staring with "CM" and "YM" and "CH".

Why is this happening?

The 3rd party vendor that manages the server where the APP resides is experiencing difficulties. Depending on the camera board configuration of a specific module (mumble jumble speak to mean tech code you never see) some cameras have lost their live view stability.

You may experience issues with the live view of the camera while away from the camera's network. The issue may be temporary, sporadic or constant.

I don't have this problem, should I be concerned?

Not necessarily. However, it may be possible that at some point you will experience a loss of live view access if your camera is connected to a WiFi network. All other features will continue to work, so make sure your SD card recording settings are properly set up just in case. Once the new APPs are released you should still consider updating your device to work with the new APPs. 

What will happen to my recordings if I experience this issue?

All other features of your camera will continue to work unaffected. Make sure your memory card is inserted and that your SD recording configuration is properly set up. The camera will record on to the memory card and you can still access live view and recordings via the APP when you are both (you and the camera) connected to the same Wi-Fi network.  

How long is this issue going to be an issue?

Two new APPs have been developed and will be rolling out for download and use within the next few weeks. We will release the name and download information as soon as it has been completed, tested and rolled out in electronic APP download markets. The estimated implementation will have a progressive camera compatibility roll out: Your device may need to be sent to us for re-programming.

CM cameras will be rolled out first followed by YM cameras. CH cameras are still under testing

Is there another APP or work around I can use in the meantime?

Not right now. New APPs are being developed to offer an alternative compatible platform. More details are covered in the previous question.

If I order a new camera will it have the same issue? 

No. All cameras currently available for purchase are not affected by this issue.

I own one of the affected cameras, can you offer me a discount to purchase a new camera?

We know some of our customers just can't wait for the issue to be resolved and need solutions right now!. To assist those needing to invest in new cameras because of this issue we are offering a 15% discount on all our cameras now through December 30, 2019. Simply enter code ProiCAM15 at checkout.

What cameras can I choose from that are not affected by this issue?

Below are cameras that are currently not affected or use a different application and therefore are not affected by this issue:*

We appreciate your patronage and thank you for your patience! Please contact us with any other questions you might have.