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Home & Business Security

Safety for All Aspects of Life

Any business has cash needs and with that you need banking tools that can ensure your hard earned cash is protected. SpySite offers modestly priced bill counters and counterfeit detection tools to help you on your way to profitability.

Events and facility security is at the heart of our expertise. If you need a permanent checkpoint or a temporary visitor screening solution, we are your one and only stop. Don't forget to check our tools and services for getting rid of pesky phone bugs, uninvited hidden cameras and if you need a licensed private investigator, we got the right network! Browse to see complete home security and surveillance solutions including many do-it-yourself choices.

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House Security Systems – Keep Your Family Safe

Are you looking for a professional security solution for your home with video recording capabilities and more? Rather than a simple alarm, Spy Site offers multi-camera home and office security system solutions. With DVR recorders you can constantly monitor your home or office using a wireless outdoor security camera; conventional CCTV cameras or WiFi cameras. Watch your property from anywhere. These surveillance systems provide all the security you need to actively monitor your home or office.

Commercial Security System Solutions

Need a security system for your small business – or a large business? Spy Site offers an array of office security system options that can be adapted to everything from warehouses ranging thousands of square feet, to a smaller office which contains critical business information and assets. Use the latest HD cameras and NVRs to make your security cutting edge. Watch video footage from anywhere and ensure business runs the way you want it to even when you are away. Our professional staff is here to answer your questions, help you choose the right security system and can even provide installation and maintenance after your purchase so that you can be assured that your business is secure.