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Air Freshener Camera & DVR

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 Here at Spy Site our goal is to provide our customers with surveillance solutions that are effective and easy to use. The Freshener hidden camera is a great surveillance tool that can be ready to use within just hours and does not require extensive computer knowledge, plus there is no networking needed. Style and function come together for you in this hidden camera and DVR.

As a motion activated spy camera, you don't have to worry about pressing "record" or "stop." Simply load place it in the desired place and turn it on. Yes, it is that simple! if you prefer you can also choose to record all the time.

Use a MicroSD card to record up to 15 hours of actual video content on a full charge. With the Air Freshener hidden camera, you can catch a person's reaction to exciting news, create a candid video, or ensure piece of mind by ensuring you know what happens when you are not watching. This Spy Site quality hidden camera, is sure to capture every moment without anyone being any wiser.


Spy Hidden Camera Air Freshener Features:

  • HD Records 1280 x 720 color video
  • Record both audio and video
  • Supports time and date stamp
  • Supports time and date watermark
  • Motion detection or continuous recording
  • Excellent disguise that fits anywhere

Hidden Camera Air Freshener Technical Specifications:

    • Recording Resolution: 1280 x 720 @ up to 30fps
    • Viewing Angle: 62°
    • Max Recording time per ~1GB: 20 minutes
    • Storage: Supports up to 64GB Micro SD Card*
    • Battery Life: Up to 15 hours.
  • Compatible with PC and MAC




Ask a Question
  • 1. is it preprogrammed for motion ? 2. if yes is there a switch to convert it to automatic. 3. since it will be in plane sight and able to pickup is it very difficult to identify there is a camera lens ?

    Thanks for reaching out.
    The air freshener camera comes with a remote control that allows you to select a recording mode. You can select to record all the time or only with motion. You can make this choice every time you initiate a recording making it easier for you to adapt to changing needs.

    The camera lens is a tiny whole on the fresherner. Most people never notice it and there is nothing on the outside of the freshener that indicates that it is anything other than what it looks like. 

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