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Aluminum Military Tactical Pen Knife

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A survival tool made for the adventurer in you!

When it comes to living life, you are all about the experience. You are a dare-devil and if anyone asks, you are one to say "I'll try that"! Because you dare to live life however and where ever it takes you, you need this survival tool with you.

This military tactical pen is designed to sustain rugged environments and its compact design allows you to access several life saving tools. Whether you are militarily deployed or an adventurer camping, hiking, fishing, or exploring; you will be glad you have the tactical pen if things take a turn for the worst.

Our tactical pen features a tungsten alloy that lets you easily break a window. This can prove useful if you get into a car accident and your car gets stuck or is quickly sinking in the lake. The skid resistant surface rings allow you to safety keep your grip when it matters most and even when it is raining!

The knife is securely capped by the window breaker and is easily accessible so you can cut your seat belt, rope, or anything else that can help you in a life or death situation. A built-in battery operated LED light will provide a light source on dark nights and the built-in pen makes it functional on a daily basis.

Tactical Pen Knife Features:

  • Compact multi-function design
  • Solid chromium knife - approx 28.6mm long
  • Bright 60 lumens LED light with up to 10 hour operation
  • Black slip resistant surface
  • Black writing ink
  • Approx size: 16.1 x 1.36 cm 


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  • What's the pick thing and where's it go?

    Thanks for reaching out. The military tactical pen does not include a pick. It includes a pen, knife, tungsten window breaker, and LED light. It all screws together as a single piece.