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Boombox CD Player Hidden Camera - DigiSpy

Boombox CD Player Hidden Camera


Boombox CD Player Hidden Camera

Looking for a discreet surveillance system capable of recording video and audio in real time (30 FPS), without the need to conceal wires, receivers, or video recorders? Want the option to review video using a computer or your TV? Search no more!

The DigiSpy is a fully functional CD Player/AM-FM Radio that cleverly conceals a day/night micro surveillance camera, motion detection, and a digital video recorder. This compact surveillance system measures only 10 x 8 ½ x 4 ½ inches and can easily blend into any environment where music is permitted and surveillance is a requirement.

DigiSpy Hidden Camera Main Features:

  • No Installation Services Required
  • Blends into virtually every Environment
  • Supports Audio Recording
  • Integrates Intelligent Digital Recorder
  • Records to standard CF Cards (up to 4GB)
  • Easy playback on a TV or Computer
  • Fully Customizable Settings
  • Record in Motion, at Scheduled Times, or Continuous Presets
  • Integrates auto switching Color/B&W CCD Camera
  • Fully Functional CD Player & AM/FM Radio
  • Records in Real Time (30 FPS) up to 28 Hours.

The DigiSpy will record up to 28 hours of real time event recording. Users can record video up to 112 hours by simply adjusting the recording frame rate, if desired.

Whether you’re looking to make a home movie, spy on your nanny or spouse or child, or simply require a third eye for surveillance or security applications, the DigiSpy camera system is affordable and packed with flexible and powerful functions.

This system allows for 4 different recording settings. The user can program the DigiSpy hidden camera system to record when any motion is detected in front of the camera, when motion is detected in front of a selected area that the camera views, record based on a time schedule, or continuously record regardless of motion or time preferences selected.

If you’re looking for a covert surveillance solution that can be installed in a matter of seconds, requires no technical expertise to operate, requires no computer expertise either, and has no components requiring concealment, the DigiSpy hidden camera is your answer.

Don’t want to deal with any installation? Don’t want separate pieces of hardware? Need a surveillance system that can adapt to your needs? The DigiSpy hidden camera system is a YES to all of those needs. There is no technical knowledge necessary to operate this digital system. Not computer savvy? No problem! The DigiSpy has been design to work with our without a computer.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, right? What if the evidence you gather could be backed by an admission of guilt? What if the fault was not detectable by someone’s actions, but by what they say? This microphone has been specially designed to be used with our DigiSpy. The DigiSpy Microphone will allow you to capture sounds and conversations around the DigiSpy hidden camera.

This microphone contains internal amplifiers that allow the user to capture voices and conversations up to 20 feet away from the DigiSpy! Small and low profile, the DigiSpy Microphone seamlessly attaches to the DigiSpy and enhances the surveillance system by adding audio to your surveillance videos.

  • DigiSpy Hidden Camera Specifications:

    • Day/Night auto adjusting camera
    • NTSC video format
    • Microphone Range: 20 feet
    • 352x240 @ 30 FPS 4GB: Record 10-28 hours
    • 704x240 @ 12 FPS 4GB: Record 10-30 hours
        • DigiSpy Hidden Camera System Includes:

        • Digispy Boombox CD Player Camera
        • TV/Remote Adapter
        • Microphone
        • 4GB CF Card

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