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Bulk HME Precursor Recognition Kit

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Affordable - No Experience Necessary Bulk HME Precursor Detection & Identification

The Ai-HME-001 is an easy to use 4 step bulk Homemade Explosives (HME) material identification kit capable of accurately detecting HME precursors used in the production of IEDs. This HME recognition tool is so easy to use that proficiency can be achieved within a matter of minutes by any non-EOD user. The Ai-HME-001 has been successfully used in the battlefield and is now available to all first responders.

The Ai-HME Bulk HME precursor kit comes with enough supplies to run up to 33 tests and it has an amazingly long shelf-life. Included with every kit are picture instructions (pictogram) along with directions in 25 languages. Endorsed by NATO the Ai-HME-001 has no export restrictions, so its use anywhere in the world is easy and inexpensive to implement.

Most of today's IEDs are built using Nitrates or Chlorates, the Ai-HME-001 will allow law enforcement, first responders, EOD and military personnel to safely and accurately identify bulk materials while searching and identifying these very same Nitrates and Chlorates. In many countries Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) is a legal fertilizer that constantly poses a detection problem for other HME precursor detection kits. Not for the Ai-HME-001 Bulk kit, this HME recognition tool is designed to focus only on illicit contraband and allow the free flow of legal substances, better focusing personnel time and enhancing mission results.

The Ai-HME-001 bulk HME precursor detection kit is in fact easy to use, however its underlying design and technology is trusted and tested by EOD personnel. This tool is equally effective for proficient and novice users alike.

A fast 10 second or less result places the Ai-HME-001 as a must have for every first responder, law enforcement, EOD and military tool kit; better yet, keep it handy on your belt or vest using the molle gear or simply slide it in your pocket! It is true that evidence gathering is paramount for prosecution purposes and standard to most response protocols; the Ai-HME recognition kit will not falter there! Included with every kit are your evidence gathering materials.

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Bulk HME Detector Features:

  • Detection in 10 seconds or less
  • Concurrently test for both Nitrates and Chlorates
  • Easy to train and use
  • Detects both Chlorates and Nitrates (including Urea Nitrate)
  • Compact size: fits in pocket
  • Attach to belt or vest
  • Instructions in 25 languages

Technical Specification for the Bulk HME Detection Kit:

  • Detects both Chlorates and Nitrates (including Urea Nitrate)
  • 3 year shelf life
  • Safe to use without PPE
  • Made in the USA
  • Size: 4x4x2
  • Weight: ~ 6 onces

The Ai-HME-001 Includes:

  • 33 Tests
  • Fitted carrying pouch with molle straps
  • Evidence gathering bags and marking pen
  • 25 language pictogram guide and instructions


One-on-One Training

Our exclusive One-on-One training sessions are designed to provide all the benefits of classroom training without having to incur travel time or costs. You will have access to one of our expert trainers for a full hour allowing you to customize your learning based on your specific level of proficiency.

Receive full theory instruction, HME precursor background, operational tips, ask ALL your questions, run live samples with your instructor (instructional samples included), learn how to interpret results, and more. Do all this on your schedule and with the individualized attention that will make you highly proficient at using the Ai-HME-001 tool.

Once you have completed your training we will mail you a training certificate to support your newly added skills!

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