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Cylinder Practice Lock

Cylinder Practice Lock


Learn to Pick Locks the Right Way

This see-through pin-tumbler lock is an excellent learning tool. By watching the movement of the pins as you practice your lock picking skills you will gain a better understanding of how and why a lock can be compromised. By learning how stuff works you can improve your own performance levels. Whether you are a beginner or teacher you will find this lock picking learning tool a must have.

Easily demonstrate to students the inner workings of tumbler locks or analyze lock pin movements to improve your lockpicking technique. Compact design includes a clear body cylinger and two keys.

When the proper cut key is placed on the lock the pin tumblers which are of various lengths are lifted, this allows the cylinder plug to be rotated and unlock the door. Widely used for instructional purposes because of its see-through feature.


  • Basic Cylinder Lock
  • Visible Pins for Learning Lock Picking
  • Clear Cylinder body construction for full lock operation viewing


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