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Forus Audio Telephone Recorder

Forus Voice, Telephone & Cellphone Recording Device

When it comes to audio recording quality and ease of use, few rival Forus recorders. This telephone and voice recorder is easy to use and can record up to 270 hours in its internal memory!

A simple to follow menu lets you learn instinctively, however if you do read the manual you will uncover much more functionality that you ever thought possible in such a small voice recorder. In just a few minutes and with the aid of a few page flips you can set up your recorder and start recording telephone conversations automatically.

When connected to a single line telephone, the telephone recorder can record phone conversations whenever the phone is in use and regardless of which phone is used (as long as it belongs to the same phone line). This phone call recording automation is ideal for when you need all phone calls recorded or don't want to be hassled to quickly engage recording once a call has been received.

  • Line Activated Recording

  • Sound Activated Recording

  • Record up to 270 hours!

  • Use with any single line phone or for body worn applications 

Use the voice recorder for taking notes, recording memos at the office, keeping accurate records of employee reviews and notices, and meetings. All files are recorded in universal formats so you can easily play them on your computer without any special software. 

You can select various quality options to meet your needs and preference. You can review and delete any file directly from the telephone recorder and use the USB cable to connect the audio recorder to your computer for download of recorded files.

This phone recorder can operate up to 20 continuous hours on 2AA batteries. If you will be using the Forus for conversation recording you can use the built-in microphone if you will be placing the recorder in the open. However, if you are going to discretely record conversations, we suggest you add a pinhole microphone to enhance your recording range.

You can record you cellphone conversations when you add the ear bud adapter. This small ear bud has two powerful microphones that allow you to easily record your cellphone conversations when used with the audio recorder. Simply plug the adapter in the microphone input of the recorder and place the ear bud in your ear between the cellphone or any phone handset.

Phone Recorder Features:

  • User selectable quality
  • Small and Light Portable Design
  • TOR - Telephone Operated Recording
  • VOR - Voice/Sound Operated Recording
  • Record up to 270 hours using internal memory
  • Use with land line phone, cell phone, or for body worn applications
  • Can be connected to the telephone for phone recording - including VOIP
  • Sound detection helps prevent recording dead air
  • Date and time stamp
  • Built in speaker and microphone

Voice Recorder Technical Specifications:

  • Encoding format: MP3
  • Storage: 4GB Internal
  • Battery: 2x AAA
  • Battery life: Up to 20 hours
  • Dimensions: 1.4 x 0.75 x 3.7 inches
  • Playback speed control: slow, normal, fast
  • Automatic file saving mode for phone calls and voice activation settings
  • Please note that telephone recording may not work with all digital type phone lines or extension phone
  • Compatible with Windows, MAC and Linux

Voice Recorder Includes:

  • Telephone recorder
  • User Manual
  • Stereo earphone
  • USB Cable
  • 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Audio Cable
  • Hand Strap
  • Telephone Connection Kit (Adapter, 3.5mm Headphone Cable, and Phone Cord)
  • External Dictation Microphone

NOTE: *Surreptitious third-party interception of conversations is illegal under federal law. It is the buyer's responsibility to check state and local restrictions on recording your own two-party conversations.*


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