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GPS Smart Watch Camera for Kids - SOS - Remote Microphone

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No Bullying Watch - GPS Smart Watch

School can be an awesome life experience or total devastation, setting the pace for a lifetime of great memories or traumatic experiences. Unlike previous generations; when kids today get teased or worse bullied in school, they have a greater danger to deal with. Why? Electronics and the internet.

This awesome technology that makes everything easier allows bullying to infect every living second on every device your child interacts and makes everything public on the web with a simple click! 

We at SpySite are parents too, and because we love our children and want to keep them safe; we believe you will want the same. Our Smart Watch Camera GPS is a fabulous solution and a preventative bully-proofing measure for parents. Nothing can trump good parenting that gives kids the correct advice on how to deal with difficult situations, but a parent doesn't always get the real story. With this Smart Watch Child Protection System, now you can.

Here is what the SpySite Smart Watch Camera GPS will do for you:

  • Allows you to remotely and discretely listen in to the surroundings of the watch. Now you can listen in live anytime and from anywhere without disturbing your child or his/her current activity.
  • You will be able to remotely take still pictures of whatever the watch's camera sees. If something does sound right, or if you child is in danger, you can take snapshots with a single click. These images are loaded on to the APP for your review with a time and date stamp.
  • You can find the location of your child, set geofences and even view previous historical tracking reports.

Now, this Smart watch for kids is a real smart watch, so it can do much more than that! Here are some other nifty features included with the SpySite Smart Watch Camera GPS

  • Program an SOS phone number for emergencies. Teach your kid to use this feature in the event of an emergency, should a trusted adult not be available. 
  • Fitness band functionality: Track steps, calories, and even sleep habits for your child.
  • Send reward messages to your child. Studies prove positive reward systems have a major influence in ensuring desired behavior is repeated.
  • Add their class schedule and teach your kids time management. A wonderful tool that we could all use more of!
  • Send voice or text messages to your child and receive voice messages from then at any time. A great way to keep in touch with them.
  • Math practice APP game already loaded in watch! This is a fun way to practice math facts anywhere. You might just find your little one doing it all on their own! 

Our Smart Watch for kids has so many other features too!

  • Restricted calling: Keep a tight lid on who your child can call and who can call your child. This is a fully functional phone if you want it to be. Add up to 10 contacts of your choosing and give your child the flexibility to stay in touch with family and friends.
  • Keep your child's focus: Set Do NOT Disturb times to ensure no calls or distracting messages are received. This way when your kid is at school and a friend calls, your child and the class wont be distracted when the watch rings!
  • Get notifications right to your phone when the SOS button is pressed or when the smart watch camera is running out of battery.

Have multiple kids? The free APP lets you easily manage each kid separately. You will need cellphone service for each watch, SIM card is not included.

Available in 3 different colors, the GPS watch is fun to wear and even older kids will want to wear it. 


See what the GPS Watch can do:

 SOS button: Just like schools practice fire drills, you can empower your child to call for help if he or she feels threatened. a simple push of the SOS button calls for help to a programmed number allowing you to take necessary action right away.
Geofencing: Drop off your kid to school or playdate, then set up a virtual perimeter using the APP. If your child leaves the set zone you immediately get notified.

Phone Call Management: Provide up to 10 allowed phone numbers your child can reach at the push of a button. This allows your child to easily communicate with family members even when they are too young to memorize phone numbers. Call restriction is the best way to allow a young child to have a communication method. You can rest easy because your child wont be getting promotional texts or calls from strangers.

Remote Monitor: a powerful microphone activation can be accessed remotely from anywhere. Listen to everything in the surroundings of the smart watch camera. This tool can prove invaluable if your child is being bullied and more so if your child is ever abducted!

Fitness Manager: Keep your child healthy too! track steps taken, calories burned and even sleep turn over. Fight obesity in a fun and easy way. 

Advanced Positioning: Utilizing four tier positioning technology the child GPS watch tracker offers great GPS positioning in various environments.

Historical Archive: Access months of tracking history.

Take still images using the Smart Watch Camera using your phone from where ever you might be. This feature  literally gives you eyes on site without needing to be there.

GPS Tracking Smart Watch Technical Specifications:

  • Languages Supported: English, Spanish, French (Up to 30 different languages are supported)
  • Frequency: GSM 1900MHz 3G
  • Positioning: GPS, AGPS, WiFi, LBS
  • GPS Positioning accuracy: 30M
  • GSM Positioning accuracy: 100-1500M
  • Battery Capacity: 600mA
Supported Carriers

Tracking Watch Supported Carriers

The carriers below have been tested and confirmed compatible with this GPS Smart Watch Camera. Other carriers might be compatible too.

  • T-Mobile USA
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Ask a Question
  • Is it water resistant?

    HELLO! The child tracker watch is water resistant. 

  • Would this work in Japan. Tokyo. My carrier is called soft bank. I would have to put a chip in the watch correct ?

    Hello! Thank you for asking your question.

    The kids safety system watch should work anywhere in the world. For carrier compatibility you will need to check with the local carriers in your area. Keep in mind that your phone can have one carrier and the watch a different one.

    Here is what you should ask your carrier to see if they are compatible: "Will your service be compatible with a device running these specs? Frequency: GSM 1900MHz 3G "

    Regarding the chip for the watch. Yes. You will need to place a SIM card with service in order for it to work. In order for all features to be accessible you must have voice, text and data service on the watch.

    Please kindly post any compatible carrier you find outside the USA. It will help others identify service sources too. Thanks!

  • Can audio conversation at school be recorded for up to hours?

    Hi! Thank you for sharing your inquiry.
    The watch safety system for kids is not designed for recording. It is designed for live monitoring. If you need to record the sound feed, you can always call in to engage the remote sound feed and then attach a cellphone recorder to your phone or use a recording app.

  • What is the monthly cost for the service?

    Thanks for reaching out!
    The monthly service for the children's smart watch camera and tracker depends on the carrier you use. We do not handle cellular service. Simply inquire with a compatible carrier of your choice about their voice, text and data plans. We recommend TMobile, but you can use other carriers as well.

  • Is this able to take video? My son has a lot of trouble with bullies and recently was able to record being assaulted because he happened to have his cell phone out to record. I would like something to record video as well as photos.

    Thanks for reaching out. We are sorry to hear about son experience with bullies. Our smart watch child safety system Ian currently not able to record video.

    In in most places children will not be so lucky to have a cellphone, we are glad in your situation he was able to use it to document the bullies. 

    With our smart watch camera you can take remote snapshots and listen live. Let us know if you have other questions.  

  • is the audio only live feed or can you store the live audio and listen at a later time?

    Thanks for asking! The watch will only give you a live feed for sound, but you can’t easily record the feed using a phone call recording app or a phone recorder like this one 

  • Is it possible to listen in on what is going on whenever I want to?

    Thank you for sharing your question. Yes. This device has a live sound monitoring feature. Whenever you want to listen to the watch's surroundings you send it a command from within the app and the device will call you and you can listen discretely.

  • Say my child is wearing the watch and someone gets the watch off. Would that person be able to gain access into it? Is there a way to lock it so that SOS signals cannot be accidently pushed? Is there a way to remotely record what is being picked up on the studio from the watch? Thank you

    Thanks for reaching out! 
    The watch has a removal sensor that you can enable. When enabled it will alert you if the watch is removed. 

    The watch must be registered to an account when you set it up. If someone else gets it they will not be able to change the settings without having access to the account created. 

    If you would like to record live microphone feed, we recommend you use a phone recorder on your phone likes the ones we offer for cellphone call recording. 

    Thanks for asking these great questions about the gps watch for kids.

  • There are 2 different color blues. Which one would I receive if i order the blue one? Light blue or dark blue?

    The blue is light blue. The image shows dark because of lighting used.

  • What is the name of the app to track the watch?

    Hello and Thank you so much for your question. The name of the App for this GPS Smartwatch, kids camera, emergency call, SOS remote microphone and picture watch is SeTracker2.

  • Will you notify me when this item is back in stock? Additionally do you have anything similar that is in stock. I need remote capability to catch a rotten bully

    Hello & thanks for reaching out! This model of the GPS tracking watch has been discontinued. The new and updated version of this child tracking watch is available now. Just click here.

  • When will you have it back in stock? Is this watch water-proof ? Get back thanks

    Thank you for reaching out with your inquiry. The children locator watch is water resistant, not waterproof.  The 3G watch GPS is sold out and is no longer available. The new model has all the same features and also supports the 4G network. You can find it and place an order here.

  • When will these be back in stock?

    The 4G version of the GPS watches is now available for purchase and in stock. We suggest you place your order quickly as only a limited amount of units are left already.

  • Hello am I able to see live video of my child ? And is Cricket wireless compatible ?

    Thank you for asking your question.
    The smart GPS watch will not allow you to see live video of the child. It will allow you to listen live at any time and you can also take remote still images as well as monitor GPS location.

    We have not tested the watch using the cricket network. At this time we recommend TMobile. If you already have a cricket cellular, you can test compatibility by removing the SIM card from your phone and inserting it to the Child SOS Tracking Watch

  • How many hours does the battery last for? Is it rechargeable, and if not, how often must it be replaced? Thank you.

    Thank you for reaching out with your question.
    The anti-bullying watch tracker has on average a days worth of battery. The batttery life may be extended or reduced based on several factors that vary with each user.
    For instance, the more things the user does with the watch (take pictures, check APPS, etc) and the more you check status (tracking, real time voice listening, etc) the less the battery will last.

  • When is the item expected to be in stock for US shipping? And what type of charger is required? Thanks!

    The item is currenltly on back order with pre-orders being shipped out first. Depending on pre-order fulfillment and where your request for it falls within it a new order might ship within 2-16 weeks.
    The GPS child tracking watch comes with a USB cable for charging. You can use a computer or USB charger to charge the watch. You can add the USB charger at our site if you desire to add that accessory.

  • How clear is the microphone when you are using the call monitor?

    It is similar to having a cellphone call. In general when using the remote microphone monitor feature for the child safety watch most users report clear sound. Some factors that can affect quality are cellphone coverage in the area, carrier, possible obstructions to the microphone at the time of call. 

  • hi - when I want to listen in, will the watch emit a sound at all when it connects to me to let me listen or anything?

    Thanks for asking this question. The GPS kids watch will not make a sound when you are monitoring the sound feed. You can be truly discrete when using the remote listen feature.

  • Is there a maximum distance for this? I’m looking into this for my daughter who I’m concerned with when she is at her dads.

    Thanks for reaching out!
    The child locator and remote microphone can be used from anywhere. It uses cellphone techonology to provide access, so you can be as close as right next to or as far as in another country; you will have access to location and other features regarless.


  • hi, why does it say 'pre-order'? does this mean it is not in stock? If so, how long will it take to get one in? another question, do you have a stockist in Australia?

    Thanks for reaching out! The GPS tracking watches are currently not in stock, so that is why it says pre-order. Right now we estimate the next shipment will start shipping in July. This might change as pre-orders will be filled first on a first in first out.

    Regarding your question about a distributor in Australia, at this time we do not have one.

  • Does it work in Ireland? Can it charge there? Is it compatible with European networks? You use T-Mobile in the states. This carrier is not in Ireland - do you have a preferred carrier here?

    The GPS watch is designed to work anywhere in the world. You should have no issues finding a compatible carrier as only the USA uses many incompatible carriers!  To be sure, simply ask the carrier of your choice if they support devices operating under the following frequency: GSM 1900MHz 3G. We have not yet identified and library carriers on your area.

  • I just bought this and want to be ready when it gets here. Do I get a regular SIM from T-Mobile or the one specific for wearables? The other kid trackers I've looked at have specifically stated a regular SIM like for a phone, but your site wasn't specific.

    Thank you for being a valued customer!

    We do recommend TMobile as the service provider. When you purchase the SIM card T-Mobile will give you a card that has the SIM card with all adapters to change the size of it. The watch uses the smallest version of the SIM card. If you are looking to first try things out or you will be utilizing the watch for short time periods (such as summer only), we would highly recommend a prepaid card as it allows you more flexibility without long term contracts. Please do notice, that you will need voice, text and data service in order to operate all functions of the watch.

    Thank you.

  • I'm just concerned that if the watch is confiscated, the very person I want to record will have possession of the watch and then he will play with it and realize the features, which could endanger my child further. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

    Thanks for asking about this. Please note that the child safety system watch is NOT designed to record. It can provide you with live location of the child, live sound monitoring, and remote still images using the watch's camera. All these features are managed right from an APP on your phone and not stored on the watch itself. Should you need to record sound you would have to do it from your cellphone during a live monitoring session with the watch. You can use a phone APP or you can use a cellphone recorder for more reliability.  

  • Dos the SIM card have to be 2G?

    This GPS kids watch supports the 3G network. In the USA we have found the TMobile is the most compatible carrier, while Verizon is NOT compatible. You may try other carriers too if you prefer. Keep in mind that you can have one carrier on your phone and the watch can use a totally different carrier.

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