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GPS Watch for Kids - SOS - Remote Microphone


  • $ 7550

No Lost Child GPS Watch

We love children and want to keep them safe. At the same time we want them to be able to explore the world around them without hovering and hindering their discoveries. What's a parent to do?

Our GPS watch will help you gain some piece of mind. Whether going to play in the back yard, on a play date, out to camp, or at the amusement park; rest assured that you have extra eyes on them. In fact about 24 GPS satellites will have eyes on your little one!

Using cell phone technology, you can easily track the wearer of this GPS watch anywhere cell phone coverage exists. You choose the provider that services your area best and simply pop the mini SIM card (not included) into the watch to start service.

Available in 3 different colors, the GPS watch is fun to wear. Advanced features of the GPS child tracker include: watch removal alert, programmable SOS button, and electronic fence.

See what the GPS Watch can do:

Watch removal alert: works using optical sensors that monitor light

SOS button: Just like schools practice fire drills, you can empower your child to call for help if he or she feels threatened. a simple push of the SOS button calls for help to a programmed number allowing you to take necessary action right away.

Electronic Fence: Set up a virtual perimeter that allows a safe wondering distance for your child. Whenever the child exists the virtual fence, an SMS and App will immediately notify you.

Bluetooth Fence: Similar to electronic fence, this feature allows you to give your children roaming space, while still tracking your child's whereabouts. Due to Bluetooth technology's short range, you will have greater tracking accuracy over a shorter space. Ideal for backyard and park child tracking.

Phone Call Management: Provide up to 3 allowed phone numbers your child can reach at the push of a button. This allows your child to easily communicate with family members even when they are too young to memorize phone numbers. Save up to 10 additional phone numbers for your child to call and receive calls from.

Remote Monitor: a powerful microphone activation can be accessed remotely when the SOS mode is active. Listen to everything in the surroundings. You can be the key to gathering important details that will help recover your child if abducted!

Advanced Positioning: Utilizing double positioning technology the child GPS watch tracker offers great GPS positioning rivaling corporate GPS applications.

Pedometer: Keep your child healthy too! track steps taken and make a health conscious effort to get your child moving.

Historical Archive: Access up to 3 month's of tracking history.

Technical Specifications:

  • Languages Supported: English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French
  • Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GPS Positioning accuracy: 30M
  • GSM Positioning accuracy: 100-1500M
  • Battery Capacity: 3.7V 320mA
  • GSM/GPS: MTK 6261 UBX 7020

Supported Carriers

  • GSM Carriers in the USA
  • Airfire Mobile
  • Asset/Vada Wireless (uses AT&T/ TMobile)
  • AT&T (Includes GoPhone Prepaid, Dobson Cellular, Edge Wireless and Centennial Wireless)
  • Broadpoint
  • Big Sky Mobile
  • Calhan Wireless
  • call4care
  • Cellular One of East Central Illinois
  • Cellular One of East Arizona
  • Cellular One Nation
  • Cellular One TXOK
  • Chariton Valley Wireless
  • Cincinnati Bell Wireless
  • Commnet Wireless (also uses CDMA)
  • Consumer Cellular (uses AT&T towers)
  • Cordova Wireless
  • Corr Wireless
  • Cross Communications
  • DTC Wireless
  • Earthtones
  • Epic PCS
  • Fuzion Mobile
  • GCI Wireless (also uses CDMA)
  • GTC Wireless (uses AT&T towers)
  • GoSmart Mobile
  • i wireless
  • Immix
  • Indigo Wireless
  • Jolt Wireless (uses AT&T towers)
  • Locus Mobile (uses CDMA, Verizon & AT&T towers)
  • Long Lines Wireless
  • Mobal Freedom (uses AT&T towers)
  • Metro PCS (also uses CDMA)
  • NEP Wireless
  • Pine Cellular
  • Plateau Wireless
  • Pure Prepaid (uses AT&T towers)
  • Pure Talk USA (uses AT&T towers)
  • Simple Mobile (uses T-Mobile towers)
  • Shaka Mobile (also uses CDMA, Verizon & Sprint towers)
  • Telecom North America Mobile Inc
  • TerreStar
  • T-Mobile USA
  • TracFone Wireless (also uses CDMA, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular and T-Mobile towers)
  • NET10 Wireless, SafeLink Wireless, Straight Talk, SIMPLE Mobile and Telcel América
  • Tru (uses T-Mobile towers)
  • Union Wireless
  • Viaero Wireless
  • Wal-Mart Family Mobile (uses T-Mobile towers)
  • West Central Wireless
  • Westlink
  • XIT Communications

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