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GSM Microphone Remote Bug - Hidden GPS Tracker


Charge a Phone & Listen Remotely from anywhere!

Remotely listening to a room or vehicle is now possible with the Universal USB Charging Data Cable from This microphone is so discrete you will find yourself using the charging cable and not remembering that it does so much more.

Easy to place in any room or vehicle the USB cable sound bug will allow you to listen to the surroundings of where the cable is from anywhere in the world. Simply plug the device to a computer or USB power source (wall charger or car charger) and insert a SIM card with full service (Voice, text & data).

Whenever you want to engage the sound bug, just send a text message to the unit from your phone and the GMS microphone will call you back and let you listen in. All of this is done discretely and no sounds or lights are activated when you engage this feature.

You wont need to worry about battery life as this item must be connected to a power source and if you ever want to record a live feed, you can use any phone app or one of our telephone recorders to easily record everything.

This remote microphone is so powerful that it will listen for sound and whenever the sound level reaches at least 45db it will automatically call you so you can listen in. This feature is ideal especially when using it to alert you of activity in a room that doesn't get much traffic. Law enforcement personnel can take advantage of this feature by freeing personnel from active monitoring to simply engaging a lead when the device calls.

 The Hidden Data Cable microphone is also a GPS device. If you would like to know the location of the device, simply send a different code via text and the device will return its current location. Though positioning with this device is no as accurate as other GPS units offered by SpySite it is a great way to get general information of where an asset is at a given point in time.
Since all commands and set up are done via SMS messaging, you will never need a computer to operate or set up the GSM remote microphone bug or the GPS tracker. All you need is a phone that can send and receive text messages as well as phone calls.


How does it work? A secret access panel hides a SIM card. Once you have activated your SIM card with a cellphone provider (such as TMobile) you can remotely manage the microphone activation and GSM tracking features directly from your phone via text message.

Because this device also has a GPS tracker you can use the mini charger in your vehicle too. Many vehicles now have auxiliary AC  and USB ports allowing you to connect the remote bug with ease and discretion. Now you can charge your phone, track your car and even listen live into your car if necessary!  

 Easy to use and installs in seconds. Use it for a quick and temporary deployment or plug in and leave for continued a long term use. You will never again hesitate about ensuring your surveillance detail has the right tools in place. Its like having a 24/7 informant that doesn't complain, cannot be put at risk, and is always in the right place at the right time.

GSM Microphone Remote Bug Features:

  • Convenient management via text
  • Remote microphone - to listen remotely
  • GPS tracking on visual map
  • Uses SIM card available through cellphone service providers*
  • Just plug it in! No batteries to charge.
  • No beeping or lights when remote microphone is activated
  • USB cable can charge both iOS and Android mobile devices

GPS Universal Data Cable Bug and Tracker Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GSM Positioning accuracy: 100-1000M
  • Power Source: USB 
  • Output Power: 5V
  • Network: GSM/GPRS
  • Charging/Data Cable: Supports iOS and Android phones

GSM Sound Bug & Tracker USB Cable Charger Includes:

  • 1 Hidden USB charger and data cable microphone
  • 1 user manual
  • * You must procure a SIM card with cellular service from a 3rd party provider such as T-Mobile. You may use a prepaid plan or you can simply add a new line to an existing account.

Supported Carriers

  • T-Mobile USA
  • Other carriers may be compatible, however we have only tested and confirm network compatibility with the carrier(s) listed above.

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  • Do you have this in a USB-C port for android phones?

    Thank you for your question. The GPS remote microphone watch for kids uses an android style charging port, but it is Type mini-A like this one. It comes with it! 

  • What kind of phone can this charge?

    Thank you for asking your question.
    This remote live microphone can charge both Apple devices using the lightning port and Android devices.