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Invisible Spy Two-Way Communication Walkie-Talkie


Walkie-Talkies for Professionals Secret Service Style!

Remember the walkie-talkies you used when you were a kid? Perhaps you are fascinated by discrete communication devices worn by secret service and other operatives. This invisible two-way communication device is a perfect paring of the functionality of a walkie-talkie and the outermost discrete way to communicate for operatives anywhere.

The kit includes two main pieces: an ear piece and a microphone piece. Set up is extremely easy. Just place the tiny ear piece inside your ear canal and the microphone loop under your clothing. Connect the microphone loop to your cell phone and make a call.

While your phone call is connected you can listen and talk to the other person without anyone seeing any ear piece on your ear or holding the phone to your ear. The invisible two-way communication device is so discrete that even at close inspection no one will notice you are wearing a wire!

There are many that dream about using a device as such to cheat on exams, but that is not the purpose of this fabulous investigative tool. Designed for use by informants and spies a like; the invisible walkie-talkie is designed for immediate and discrete access to field agents or informants.

Because it uses cellular connections for transmission and receiving of voice you can talk to anyone even if they are physically across the world! Using the latest wireless induction technology allows you to have no cables between the ear piece and the microphone for a totally concealed look. 

Uses outside law enforcement and detective settings include: casino security, private security, and movie industry. Communicate with your team at all times without anyone knowing. Use conference call to join several operatives under one single transmission! 

Two-Way Invisible Communication Set Features:

  • Tiny design for invisible in-ear fit
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Two-way microphone
  • Supports conference call
  • Communicate with anyone anywhere
  • Uses wireless inductive technology
  • Ideal for law enforcement and detective use
  • Compatible with most cellphones
  • Uses a standard 337 SR416SW battery for ear piece

Two-Way Invisible Wireless Microphone Specifications:

  • Shape : anatomical
  • Battery Life : 15h
  • Interference : <2%`
  • Receiver type : magnetic/analoge
  • Maximum volume : 110dB
  • Battery 337 SR416SW
  • Approved: CE / FCC

Included with your Invisible Walkie-Talkie Microphone Set:

  • Ear piece
  • Microphone loop
  • Instruction manual



Ask a Question
  • Does this still lose connection in a dropped cell call?

    Thank you for asking this question.
    If the call you are on drops, the transmission will end. You will need to reinitiate a call to continue transmitting and/or receiving sound.


    Thanks for asking your question!
    This device reliably transmits to its companion component. The actual quality of the transmission is dependent on your cellular service at the time of transmission.