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Invisible UV ink Pen with Magic Light


  • $ 295

Invisible UV ink Pen with Magic Light

Remember when you were a kid and playing pretend was so rewarding? Electronics are taking over children's play dates and while we love a tech savvy kid, we just want them to be kids too!

This fun invisible ink pen will write secret messages that can only be seen with the magic light included in the cap. Write encouragement or funny notes and place in their lunch box. They can then see the secret message without looking silly in front of other kids, however they might decide that you are so cool and everyone must see what this spy mamma has to say!

Write down passwords and important but sensitive information in a special pad that to everyone else will just look blank. To reveal combinations and passwords just use the magic light and clearly see what you wrote for your eyes only.

Play with the imagination and encourage cognitive development in that little Spy. These are just some ways you can use this invisible ink and magic light pen. Share your ideas with us and other parents in the comments!

Invisible Ink Pen with Magic Light Features:

  • Blue/Purple light
  • Secret invisible ink
  • LED magic light (battery included)
  • Pen body comes in fun colors for kids.



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