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JB Engine Degreaser Can Safe

Make Your Hiding Spot A Real Good One!

This JB Engine Degreaser cam is made with cans directly from the manufacturer. The JB Engine Degreaser Can Safe is an effective and clever way to keep items safe while placing them in plain sight! This keyless safe, looks and feels just like the original JB Engine Degreaser Can can but inside it conceals a large and effective secret compartment!

This hidden safe can be used to keep money, jewelry and other valuables safe. This large hidden safe is great for garages, office, and vehicles.

A great can safe for in-vehicle storage, the JB Engine Degreaser Can hidden safe, can keep money and jewelry hidden in plain sight while remaining just a mechanic's tool for the unknowing. Opening and closing is simple and doesn't require a key. Now you can quickly store and access the stuff you want to keep hidden from others at home, the car or where ever you need it!


  • Keyless Hidden Safe
  • Looks like a JB Engine Degreaser Can


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