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Locksmithing Service

Locksmithing Service


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Get your locks upgraded: make you home secure and more convenient!

Most of the time we don't really give our door locks a second thought. You should! Having the right locks on your doors will deter thieves and make your life more convenient.If you still have the same lock on your door from 20 years ago, think again. Your locks are likely outdated and provide nearly zero protection from intruders. You are also missing on some conveniences that advances to locksmithing now offer when using the newly updated high-tech door locks. Imagine being able to open your door without needing a key! Yes, that is now possible and quite convenient. Here are a few scenarios that some of these new updated door locks offer:
  1. Can't find your keys? no problem. Simply enter a combination into the keypad. Whether you are carrying groceries, have misplaced your keys or need to offer entry to a child that arrives home early, the cleaning or service staff, or an unexpected guest. You can have keyless access and multiple codes to ensure access control.
  2. Want to be at the top of the tech trend? Phone operated locks lets you be the talk of the town. Manage codes, assign temporary access, easily add or delete codes, and more. It is all possible!
  3. Sabbath and other special circumstances prevents you from using electronics at certain times, but you still want the ease and flexibility of the updated door locks. You can take advance of push button combination door locks. They are easy to use and require no electricity use, letting keep up with your technology use restrictions.

In any case there is a right door lock waiting for you. Contact us and our team of affiliated fully licensed locksmiths can help you decide and install the best door locks for you, your home and your business.


  • Keyless entry
  • Managed access control
  • Suitable for home and office
  • Various technologies available