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Mace KeyGuard Pepper Spray

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Best Keychain Pepper Spray for Self-Defense

The Mace KeyGuard pepper spray contains 10% OC pepper and UV dye for maximum protection. It comes with a molded hard case with a key ring and built-in belt clip as well as the popular flip-top safety feature. The newly redesigned body features a flip top making this pepperspray even easier to use and safer to carry and store. With a simple thumb motion the cap trigger can be quickly unlocked for immediate use.

The molded hard case has a built-in belt clip that makes it easy and safe to wear and carry in a pocket, purse or backpack. The KeyGuard Pepper spray pattern covers up to a 10 foot range and has plenty of 10% OC Pepper to give you up to 10 short blasts.

As an added benefit the KeyGuard Pepper Spray is loaded with invisible UV marking dye that can help the police identify your attacker.

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The threat of violence and assault is a real concern for millions of Americans. Being prepared with keychain pepper spray is a great way to ensure your protection and give you the ability to fight back. Our site has a large selection, and you are able to quickly and easily find the pepper spray keychain that will work for you. It's better to be safe than sorry, and we believe that when you buy pepper spray, you buy security and peace of mind.

We stand by our products, and we only offer the best pepper spray solutions to our customers. Your safety is important to us, and we make it easy to find what you are looking for. Whether you fear the nightly walk in a dark parking lot after work or are an early morning jogger, you will be impressed with our extensive inventory. Although we hope you never have to use it, we make our self-defense pepper spray easily portable because you can never be too safe.

Pepper Spray Technical Specifications:

Mace Pepper Sprays are formulated to be a safe, effective, and less-than-lethal means of self defense.

Effects: Mace Pepper Spray is a formulation of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) a natural ingredient derived from hot peppers. Upon direct facial contact, OC Pepper causes the eyes to slam shut, coughing, and an intense burning sensation to the skin with extreme discomfort of vision and the respiratory system. Effects should lessen in approximately 45 minutes.
Use: For maximum effect and range, it is recommended to prepare Pepper Spray for immediate use with a few rapid shakes prior to taking aim and discharging at your attacker. Deploy Pepper Spray by using thumb or forefinger to depress trigger in short 2 to 3 second bursts, Pepper Spray can be quickly dispensed if trigger is continuously depressed.
Safety: Strong irritant, keep out of reach of children. Read instructions and first-aid directions included with your Pepper Spray prior to use. If accidentally exposed to Pepper Spray, remove contaminated contact lenses and clothing immediately, flush effected areas with plenty of cool water and expose to fresh air as soon as possible. Spray canisters are under pressure, do not puncture or incinerate.
Storage: Store in cool dry areas away from heat, flame or strong sunlight. Do not store where temperature may exceed 120°F/50°C such as an enclosed vehicle, which can cause spray canisters to leak from over pressurization and fail to function properly. Do not store in cold environments below 32°F/0°C, which can cause depressurization and the loss of effective range.
Expiration: Mace Pepper Spray has an approximate shelf-life of 4 years, each unit is labeled with an expiration date. Expired units may have reduced effectiveness and loss of range or fail to function, and should be disposed of in accordance with local environmental regulations.
Additional Information:
  • Size: Approx. 3.625" h x 1" w x 1.375" d
  • Features: Molded Hard Case, Key Ring, Belt Clip, Glow-in-the-dark Trigger, Twist-Lock Safety
  • MSDS provided as download upon sale 
State Restrictions
This item not available for shipment to residents in NY and MA, and other states may apply. Residents in NY may purchase Mace® pepper spray from our Spring Valley, NY or Pompton Plains, NJ stores as per state requirements. Some restrictions may apply in other states.

Shipping Restrictions
This item limited to ground carrier delivery service within the continental U.S. due to air transportation regulations requiring additional shipping charges and handling fees. Residents in AK or HI can contact us for special order processing quotes.


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