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MobilePlus Installation Services

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Rooting, Jailbreak & Installation - Don't Sweat it!

We know this stuff is hard! Specially if you have never even heard these terms. If you are not quite sure how to complete a jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad, a rooting on your android or not quite sure how to complete a program installation on your computer, then this service is for you.

When you purchase the no-hassle installation service for MobilePlus subscription items, you can rest assured that the installation will be done right. This service is offered by a 3rd party and it is subject to technological restraints specific to your device. There are many pieces that determine whether the device you want to monitor will support the MobilePlus product installation. We can help you determine compatibility before you even purchase the installation. Just contact us!

Please note that newer iOS devices (that's Apple devices) currently only support tethered jailbreaking. This means that the jailbreak will reset every time the device is turned off or the battery is depleted and the device shut down. Don't worry the MobilePlus software will not need to be re-installed, but you will have to re-enable the jail-break. Not too hard, but if you don't want to follow the self-guide be sure to add the extended coverage.

If you have an android device you should still consider the warranty coverage in case the phone is reset or new features are released requiring the re-installation of MobilePlus.  Now, you can always purchase installation services, so if you are not sure if you need it, there is no pressure.

This is how the MobilePlus installation service works:

  1. Ensure device compatibility
  2. Purchase your MobilePlus subscription
  3. Purchase an installation code voucher

Once you have the voucher and service purchased you can claim your installation anytime 24/7. You will be provided with a link and login information as well as your voucher number. Follow the prompts and a knowledgeable tech does all the heavy lifting for you. Nice right?

You will also need the device you want to monitor, unlocking password for it, a charging cable for that device (if it is not a computer), and a computer or laptop.



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  • Will this software work on a Samsung galaxy s21? I’m asking before purchasing

    Please also let us know the android software version your target device is running and the carrier, so we can check compatibility. Thank you.