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Monitor iPad Activity - Parenting Tool & Business Asset Monitoring Service

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Monitor iPad Activity - Parenting Tool & Business Asset Monitoring Service

Remote work, remote school, remote everything! If your child or employee uses an iPad you need our MobilePlus iPad. With features such as Facetime Spy Cam and Call Recording, you can make sure your kids are safe and your business assets not misused.

View social media logs, messenger activity, sms texts, facetime activity, record video calls, see emails, chats, calendar, track location, and more. Everything you need to know is possible with MobilePlus iPad. Easy to install too.

Subscription service for MobilePlus renews every month, there are no long term contracts and we even offer installation if you need help!

Considerations before buying?

Since subscriptions are not refundable once billed and activated, you want to make sure of the following:

  1. Check your iPad's compatibility 
  2. You will need physical access to the iPad for installation
  3. You will need the unlocking password to the iPad
  4. Your iPad will need to have a jailbreak before the software can be installed. Some iPads will only support tethered jail-break at the moment (extended installation service recommended for best value). This is a device technology limitation but can be easily done by our installation team if you are unfamiliar with jailbreaking.


Compatible with iOS 6.0 - 14.x

Call Interception is not available on CDMA devices

Complete list of features

FaceTime Call Recording
FaceTime Spy Cam
Environment recording
Facebook Call Recording
LINE Call Recording
Skype Call Recording
Viber Call Recording
WhatsApp Call Recording
FaceTime Call logs
Facebook Call Logs
LINE Call Logs
Skype Call Logs
Viber Call Logs
WeChat Call logs
Facebook Messenger
Instagram Direct Messages
LINE Messages
Skype Messages
Viber Messages
WhatsApp Messages
BBM Messages
Hangout Messages
Tinder Messages
WeChat Message
Application Screenshots
Address book
Location tracking
Browsing activity
Browser bookmarks
Network connections
Application activity
Installed applications
Audio files
Wallpaper images
Easy to install
Visibility Option
Dashboard Alerts
Send Remote Commands from Web
Check Device Battery Status
Remotely uninstall the software
Remotely deactivate the software
Remotely restart device
Remotely change software features
Remote Upgrade
Renew Anytime
Run in Hidden Mode
Stop software from being uninstalled
Hide Jailbreak
Automatic Remote Updates
Free Updates


Ask a Question
  • Someone have installed this on my phone how can I access the data on my iPhone and how to get it out of my iPhone

    Thanks for reaching out.
    Only the administrator of the account can remove monitoring software from a device. The administrator is the personal that originally installed it on the device or has accecss to the admin password and link.