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Nut2 Smart Tag Finder Bluetooth Locating GPS Tile

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No Fee Miniature Proximity GPS tracking Tile

Whether it is at the park, the mall, or just about anywhere we all loose things that are important to us at some point. What if you could find your lost item and never pay a fee? What if you could be alerted before you even have a chance to loose it?

The Nut tile can help! Millions of users trust their small electronics and more to be located using this tiny tile tracking device.

Have small children and want to keep track of their location without having to run around the facility just to keep them in sight? You are in luck because many have found that this tiny tracker can be used on your child or pet, so you can let them wander, but not too far.

A proximity notification will let you know if the tracker and its wearer step too far away from you. Now you can be sure that if you start walking away from that coffee shop you wont forget your laptop, wallet, purse or even worse: an irreplaceable!

Too many things going on and can't find your keys or phone? You can use the tile tracker to find either item. You can use your phone to find the tracker location or you can use the tracker to find your phone. Nifty feature!

Here is the question you are likely asking yourself just about now! How can this mini tracker help me find my pet, child or thing if it leaves the immediate area? Let us explain:

The Nut tracker has what is called a social tracking network. Every person that downloads the APP anonymously helps others find their stuff! Literally "all-hands-on-deck"!. Your personal information and your tile tracking information remains private to you. When you report it lost, a locating task is made active and all APP users help you find it by using their cellphone to identify its location, no matter where it may be. This all happens behind the scenes, so no APP user ever really has to do anything. It's automated!

Fully compatible with most smart phones, the Nut tracker has an alarm distance range of about 164 feet (50 meters) and you can have up to 6 trackers running all at once using the same APP.

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Nut Tile Tracker Features:

  • Find things any time and anywhere
  • No tracking or monthly fees - ever!
  • Up to 164 feet notification range
  • Compatible with most cellphones
  • Two-way tracking feature
  • Social tracking network
  • Long battery life

Smart Tracker Nut2 Proximity Tracking Specifications:

  • Ultra low power consumption - Battery CR2032
  • Bluetooth: 1.0 and above
  • Android: Supports 4.3 version and above
  • iOS: Supports Apple devices running iOS7 and above
  • Maximum lost alert range: 164 feet (50 meters)
  • Maximum simultaneous tiles supporter: 6 connections 


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