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RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeves

Easy and Reusable RFID Protective Sleeves

Wonder how safe are the new chip cards your bank just sent you? Better be safe than sorry when your card bill shows thousands of dollars in purchases you did not make!

These ultra slim universal fit RFID blocking sleeves are made of flexible and durable aluminum. They can protect your credit card from being scanned by scammers looking to steal your credit card number.

Just slide your credit card in the sleeve and place in your wallet or pocket. You are now protected and your bank account is too! Super practical and you decide which cards to protect and when.

RFID scanners are used not only at point of sale, but there are portable scanners used by crooks that pretend to just be innocent bystanders. While you shop at the mall or have your lunch at a restaurant, these fraudsters are eating more than pie! They are stealing your and everyone else's credit card that has not protected against RFID theft.

For less than a cup of coffee or a bottle of water, you can ensure your privacy and your credit card are protected all the time. The special construction of this RFID credit card sleeve will block RFID scanner attempts. When you are ready to actually use your card, simply remove the card from the sleeve, complete your purchase and place it back in the sleeve.

Do you have an access card or Government CAC card? You can protect those too with these sleeves! After all, you are protecting more than just credit card numbers. If you have access to restricted areas, possess a security clearance, or have any similar access attached to your smart card; you are golden to thieves and criminals. Be smart and protect your card!

RFID Blocking Sleeve Features:

  • Slim design 
  • Durable
  • Holds up to 1 credit card per sleeve.
  • Prevents thieves from stealing your card information
  • Compatible with your exisiting wallet
  • Compatible with money clips

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