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Root Beer Can Safe

Make Your Hiding Spot A Real Good One!

The A&W Root Beer can safe is an impressive hidden safe. This keyless safe, looks and feels just like a full A&W can but inside there are no bubbles! This hidden safe can be used to keep money, jewelry and other valuables safe from undesired eyes.

Keeping items safe while hiding them in plain sight is easy with this soda can safe. Whether it be the kitchen, the garage, the office, or in your car, this A&W Root Beer can safe makes it easy for you to hide those valuable items you must keep handy.

Opening and closing is simple and doesn't require a key. Now you can quickly store and access the stuff you want to keep hidden from others at home, at the office or while on the go!


  • Key less Hidden Safe
  • Looks like an A&W Can

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