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Super Mini Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision - Magnetic & Wearable

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Functional Security or Your Next Viral Video?? 

A lifetime of experiences should be recorded! This tiny camera will let you record life's unexpected moments and also offers true security applications, making it easy for you to see and hear any specific room live right from your mobile device anywhere you might be.

This teeny camera is packed with features! Check out the many ways to use it:

  • Wear it using the magnetic mount coin - great for parties and playtime
  • Stick to anything metallic. Easiest way to just slap and start catching every moment!
  • Mount it and adjust aim using the circle and ball mount - the best way to use it as a security camera
  • Use the tape mount to securely place in non-magnetic surfaces - ideal for when you know it will stay there. Like in the baby's room!
video recorder

A simple and clean design makes this mini camera fit in almost anywhere, including all kinds of spaces, persons small and tall or pets large or small. The night vision lights are non-glowing, so your camera keeps a low profile even at night time.

What if you could find out what your dog does when no one is watching? Bet you the tales this camera could tell would become viral! You can also attach the camera to your 4 wheel or bike for recording those awesome outdoor adventures. Like the time you encountered a bear in the woods!

Have a more serious use in mind? No problem! This mini Wi-Fi camera has just the right features to get the job done. Here are some:

  • Easy set up and configuration - You DO NOT need a computer!
  • View live video and listen from anywhere when you connect wirelessly to your Wi-Fi.
  • Night Vision for day and night time functionality
  • Easy to follow set up with NO complicated options

Now you can record whatever you want and even check things out when you are gone. A fantastic fun everyday camera yet a powerful home or small business security system that rivals many higher priced options!

Comes with all mounting options! We do recommend some accessories for maximum use, so be sure to add those to your shopping cart.

A single 64GB card provides up to 21+ hours of video and sound recording. WOW!! That is a lot of time for such a tiny camera system. 

Super Mini Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision - Magnetic & Wearable

Want more ideas on how you can use the Mini Camera? How about some of these popular uses:

  • Watch the kids even when you are not home
  • Check on your pet while at work or away
  • Record soccer games right from the field!
  • Personal camera crew - Record vacations and more
  • Security system for your home or office
  • Identify vandals damaging your car
  • Use as a dashcam and record road trips
  • Short term surveillance - Find out who litters your property

The uses are only limited by your imagination. We would love to hear how you use the mini wifi camera!

Super Mini Portable Wi-Fi Camera Features:

  • Easy set up and configuration - You DO NOT need a computer!
  • View live video and listen from anywhere when you connect wirelessly to your Wi-Fi.
  • Easy to follow set up with no complicated menu options
  • Supports up to 64GB memory card for lots of recording space
  • Built-in battery for wearing comfort and more ways to use it
  • Supports recording while plugged for long term recording and uninterrupted live view.
  • Uses a FREE APP for set up
  • Compatible with devices using Google Play Store and Apple APP Store 
  • Compatible with MAC and PC

Miniature Wi-Fi Camera Specifications:

  • HD Video Resolution: 1280 x 720 MP4 H.264
  • Photo Resolution: 1280 x 720 JPG
  • Camera Angle: 90 degrees
  • Focus: 0.5 - infinity
  • Maximum memory supported: 64GB (21.33 hours max)
  • Card Consumption: ~20 minutes per 1GB 
  • Dimensions: 1.57x1.57x.06 inches (Φ39 * 15.9mm)
  • Built-in battery: 350mAh (runs about 90 minutes)
Your miniature wifi camera comes with all these things:
  • Qty 1 Super Mini WiFi Camera with Night Vision
  • Qty 2 Sticky Mounts
  • Qty 1 Magnetic Mount
  • Qty 1 Ring Mount & Standard Mount Mounting Adapter
  • Qty 2 Coin Magnets
  • Qty 1 Reset & Card Removal Tool
  • Qty 1 USB Cable 


Ask a Question
  • What app is used for this?

    Thanks for reaching out with your question. The Super Mini Wifi Camera uses the CookyCam APP.

  • I need 3 cameras to keep track of my kids coming and going. Whatis the cost of each camera. What accessories do I need and the cost. How long does the battery last and is it re-chargable. Can it be checked out through my iPhone?

    Thanks for reaching out. Each of the Super Mini Wi-Fi Cameras cost $150. You will need an sd card I would recomend a 64GB(21.33 hrs of memory) card that would cost $69.95. The battery is rechargeable and lasts for about 90 minutes. It can be checked from your iPhone.

  • Can i do recording 24 hours continous monitoring?

    Thank you for reaching out, the Super Mini Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision supports up to a 64 gb memory card which can record a little over 21 hours.