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January 05, 2016 2 min read

GPS Trackers There are GPS trackers in pretty much every electronic item. In fact your phone and most vehicles today use internal GPS trackers for navigation and app support.

Did you know that the at any given time there are at least 24 active GPS satellites orbiting the Earth? The first set of 24 satellites was sent up in 1989 while GPS technology was first introduced into vehicles in 1996.

Many people have become familiar with navigational units such as Garmin GPS and car trackers in general. What some people don't realize is that things such as websites, applications, Facebook, Twitter, email and other 3rd party software, uses GPS data generated by your phone, tablet and even desktop to track and deliver content that is not only relevant to you but localized for the benefit of both you and a local merchant.

GPS TrackerMany at times  customers ask "how does a GPS tracker look like?" Unfortunately that is a loaded question with thousands of possible answers. GPS trackers look like anything, as they can be installed in pretty much any device or item. Some of the most interesting GPS units we have seen are designed to look like dog collars, children's watches and toys; you can even find tracking sneakers designed for Alzheimer's patients. When it comes to vehicle tracking they come in all shapes and sizes.

Consider: Apple recently introduced their iWatch and while doing so, it brought large awareness to the miniaturization possibilities for GPS and smart technology in general. We can't wait to see what the next step is, maybe it will be something like: RFID size and versatility while offering the functionality and mobility GPS technology delivers.