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June 27, 2013 2 min read

For many investigative operations; the cloak of night’s darkness provides an ideal cover, making it easier to conceal equipment. It’s also the most common time for many secretive activities – a late night rendezvous with a secret lover; a time to sneak out to join a wild party; and night’s darkness makes the perfect setting for those looking to commit a robbery or crime and slip away sight unseen. Many hidden cameras don’t have the technology to adapt to low lighting conditions, making it hard to gather needed evidence of infidelity and inappropriate behavior.

One of our most popular items is the NiteMax Ultra night vision spy camera. This easy-to-use camera is unique in that it doesn’t use restrictive technology to achieve night vision – the user can easily adjust this night vision camera to their specific needs and the specific lighting conditions of the area being observed, making it the perfect piece of spy surveillance equipment for nighttime investigations. Unlike conventional night vision cameras, the NiteMax Ultra is not affected by external light sources; and can be used for daytime surveillance as well. Its small size means that is portable to take where the action takes you and effective to capture every move even in the darkest nights!

Digital Night VisionThe NiteMax Ultra captures clear video evidence in darkness by using an advanced illumination system and a high-quality sensor, allowing for long distance night time viewing while keeping your picture clear on the 2.5” LCD monitor. For extremely long-range surveillance, optional add-on optics increase magnification, making it suitable for almost any surveillance application.

One of the biggest improvements of the NiteMax Ultra over its predecessors is the long-lasting lithium-ion battery, exceeding the performance of a standard night vision system. Also included is a standard video out connection so that you can view your surveillance on a larger screen or connect to a video recorder for later viewing.

The small size and ease of use of the NiteMax Ultra makes it easy to use, for everyone from concerned parents and spouses to private investigators and law enforcement professionals. It’s already one of our most popular pieces of spy gear equipment at our online store thanks to its one-year warranty and lack of export restrictions! As with all of our products, after purchase we are here to help support our customers 100% - we will help you set up your NiteMax camera correctly to get the surveillance information you’re after; and shipping is always fast and discreet!