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4 Advantages of Hiring a Private Investigator

July 22, 2013 2 min read

4 Advantages of Hiring a Private Investigator

A cheating spouse. A reckless family member. An employee abusing your company property and time for their own personal gain.

All of these things Private Investigationcan bring doubt and uncertainty in your life; causing excessive stress and possible repercussions – legal, financial, and personal. You want to put an end to the things that are making your life more difficult – people taking advantage of you, putting you and your family in danger, as well as themselves. What are the steps to ending this type of behavior? 

Many consumers decide to purchase surveillance spy equipmentfor their home, car or office in order to gain information about suspicious activity. However, hiring a private investigator is an often overlooked option for gaining information regarding illicit or undesired activities. Why should you consider hiring a private investigator?

  • Tools – A private investigator already has a full range of professional-grade surveillance equipment, items like pinhole spy cameras, hidden audio recorders and GPS tracking devices. Buying a variety of high quality surveillance equipment could cost you thousands of dollars, all for something you may only use one time. Licensed private investigators also have access to professional equipment, such as locksmith tool kits, that can’t be sold to the general public.

  • Training– Any homeowner can go to a hardware store and buy drywall, nails and tools. Anyone with a car can buy most mechanic’s tools and car parts. But carpenters and mechanics not only have the tools, but the knowledge to use these tools to fix your home or automobile. Working with a private investigator is no different. While you can buy many spying products online or in stores, a private investigator has the experience and training to be able to deploy these tools effectively and gather high quality evidence. 

  • Quality – Not only does a private investigator have quality tools to gather evidence you need, investigators are able to present the evidence in a matter that will make sense to you, as well as in a way that can be submitted in a court of law. Particularly in matters with legal implications, presenting the evidence in a professional manner is critical. 

  • Time – Many illicit activities happen when you simply aren’t around – a cheating spouse sneaking for daytime lunches with a lover, an employee abusing your property when you’re away from the office. You can’t be everywhere at once. Private investigators are on call around the clock and commit their careers to surveillance – meaning they can follow and gather evidence during times where it’s not feasible to do so yourself.

Before you hire any private investigator, make sure to ask for credentials and references. A quality investigator will take the time to listen to your concerns and address them before beginning any investigation, and give you the evidence needed to make a good decision.

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