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Electronic Lockpicks – For When Time is Critical

August 06, 2013 2 min read

Electronic Lockpicks – For When Time is Critical

For hundreds of years, craftsmen, law enforcement, and unfortunately criminals have employed lockpicking sets in both noble and illegitimate pursuits. While some lock picking tool kits are used for robbery, they are also commonly employed by law enforcement during searches and rescue missions; and by locksmiths to help people regain entry into their homes after mistakenly locking their keys inside or losing them.

However, manually picking a lock can be a time consuming measure and often time is of the essence when breaking a lock. A few minutes can mean the difference between capturing a criminal or potentially saving a life. For this reason, many locksmiths and law enforcement officials employ the use of an electronic lockpick, such as the LP-E500XT from SouthOrd.

Electronic lock picking tools rely on thin pieces of metal, much like manual tools, that are inserted into the lock and used to push the pins into position to unlock the door. With a traditional lock smith tool kit, the user must carefully maneuver his lock picking tool to push each pin within the lock cylinder, listening for the pins to click as they unlock.

An electronic lock pick tool requires less skill and patience; however, it does require some level of skill in order to effectively pick a lock. To use an electronic lock pick:

  • A tension wrench must still be used with an electronic lock pick. This allows the locksmith or professional to open the lock easily once the pins have been properly set.

  • Lock picking tools rely on movement and vibration to quickly move the pins within the lock. Moving the pins quickly, in a variety of positions, helps set the pins within the lock faster and makes for easier access.

  • Once the tension wrench has been inserted, position the tip of the electronic lock pick and hit the button for vibration. Continuously apply pressure via the tension wrench after each use of the electronic lock pick to check if the lock is unlocked.

Electric Lockpick

An experienced locksmith or law enforcement official can pick a lock within moments using a tool such as the Southord LP-E500XT. This electronic lockpick offers high power in a compact package, with a six month all inclusive warranty. Unlike many electronic tools, the LP-E500XT uses traditional C-cell batteries, allowing for fast battery replacement and immediate usage.

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