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Renting Spy Equipment

Posted by Diana E on

Many stores offer tool rentals to their customers to help them take on challenging tasks. For instance, hardware stores rent equipment like floor sanders, table saws and paint guns to their customers. These tools can cost hundreds of dollars, and may only be used once or twice by potential customers. Renting these tools allows them to get the job done, without spending hundreds of dollars on a tool they’ll only use once and then leave in the garage to gather dust. Automotive shops are another common place for tool rental, allowing their customers to borrow specialized tools for performing their own car repairs.

Spy Site understands that for many consumers, purchasing spy gear equipment means committing to spending hundreds of dollars on a product they may only use once or twice. For consumers who need a piece of surveillance equipment for temporary use, we now offer our customers the ability to rent spy equipment, rather than commit to a full purchase.

One of our most popular spy equipment rentals is our Advanced Bug and Camera Detector.  Smaller than a deck of cards, this lightweight RF detector allows you to find hidden video cameras and audio recorders in any room. Even with its small size, the Advanced Bug Detector is as sensitive as many professional models costing thousands of dollars. If you’re looking for a temporary security solution, if you believe you are being spied on, or if you need to secure an area, you can rent the Advanced Bug Detector for 1/3 the cost of buying it outright

Spy Site is currently working on expanding our rental offerings to give more choice to our consumers. Of course, some items – like hardwired security cameras – cannot be rented due to the difficulty of installation and removal. And, for some consumers, purchasing a product outright might be a better decision. Not sure if a rental is right for you? Contact our professional staff of spy equipment experts, who will help you find the right tools to address your security needs.

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