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March 18, 2016 2 min read

A hidden audio recorder can come in handy for a multitude of situations. If you’re constantly harassed by a co-worker or boss, or being discriminated against at a business; a Spy Watch allows you to record evidence of these indiscretions without arousing suspicion.

Spy Watch
Spy Site offers a voice recorder watch which allows you to record up to eight hours of audio, discreetly. Our high quality spy audio recorder watch offers 512 MB of memory that can be used for both your personal recordings, or recordings from your computer. USB output allows you to conveniently back up audio recordings to your PC or Mac computer, and the onboard headphone jack and equalizer make it easy to play back recordings on demand.

If you tend to be forgetful, you can record your boss’ verbal instructions regarding a project. You can talk into it to record what or who you see in a room or what you’re observing during a surveillance job. You can covertly record important conversations and obtain useful information in the process, although you must take care to stay within bounds of the local laws governing such operations.

The spy watch can also be used to record speeches, lectures and seminars, which is excellent if the speaker is talking too fast for you to take meaningful notes or if you are not exactly a stellar note-taker in the first place. If you are an investigator, the watch allows you to easily record interviews without having to interrupt the conversation flow to take notes. Later, you can play the audio back and type your notes at your own speed.

Unlike other hidden audio recorders, this watch eliminates the need for extra equipment, and allows you to record conversations in crystal-clear quality at close range. From lectures to employee harassment, whatever you need to record – the MP3 Watch Hidden Recorder is the perfect solution!