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The Right Listening Device for You

May 23, 2016 2 min read

The Right Listening Device for You

At Spy Site, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of products to enhance your level of privacy, protect your family and business, and capture evidence of unscrupulous activities. Among our many spy devices, we offer a family of listening and audio recording devices suitable for every need and situation – from leisure, to private investigation. Here are some of our most popular listening devices for various activities and uses:

Bionic Ear & Booster

Outdoor Surveillance – For those looking to record conversations and audio in an outdoor environment, our Bionic Ear offers a range of up to 100 yards with crystal clear audio quality. This device can be connected to a recording medium, giving you records of any conversation recorded.

Indoor Surveillance – Looking to record activity inside your home or office? Our audio pen recorder offers hours of audio recording in an inconspicuous pen that can be left on any desk, shelf or other surface for covert audio recording. We also offer a selection of hidden video and audio recorders including hidden cameras and microphones inside of stuffed animals, clock radios, tissue boxes, and more!

Personal Conversations
Smile Face Camera
– For conversations between two parties at close range, the Smiley Pin
DVR camera offers both audio and video recording. For Audio only recording, we recommend our MP3 Watch Hidden Recorder – storing up to 8 hours of audio reordered through it’s hidden microphone! Looking to record a phone conversation? Our telephone wiretap does just that!

Detection – Of course, you may be looking to prevent conversations from being intercepted by others. Spy Site offers advanced professional-quality phone tap detectors as well as hidden video and audio detection equipment – the same as used by professional private investigators and security officials. These products ensure the highest levels of privacy in your personal conversations.

These are only a sample of what Spy Site has to offer – browse our selection of hidden audio recorder products, as well as a full suite of spy gear; to get the products you need to ensure your security today!

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