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The 11 Best Movie Spy Gadgets of All Time

Posted by Diana E on

Spy movies are and have always been popular, but what is it about them that people find most exciting? Is it the thrilling car chases and escapes? Is it the gorgeous women? While some spy movies can come without one or either of those two, there is one thing that no spy film is complete without – really cool spy gadgets!

Here is a list of the 11 greatest spy gadgets and pieces of spy gear to ever appear on the big screen.

The “Men in Black” neuralyzer

This is probably the ultimate spy gadget when it comes to gear that you could actually really use on many occasions throughout your life. Remember that time you jumped into the pool and your underwear fell off in front of the whole neighborhood? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to use the neuralyzer and make it all go away with just one zap? It’s probably the most practical spy gadget and the one that most people wish was really available.

The “From Russia with Love” shoe dagger

When you are a spy, you are always getting patted down, so it’s really hard to conceal a weapon. Thankfully, this problem has been addressed many times by spy movies, but the show knife might be the best example. Who’d expect a deadly blade to be hiding within the sole of your shoe? It’s the perfect hidden weapon.

The “Mission: Impossible” masks

While many spy movies have played with the idea of masks that could give their spies a completed different identity, the concept was perfected in “Mission: Impossible.” The greatest thing about the masks is that the spy’s true voice and identity is always revealed a couple of seconds before the mask actually comes off.

The “Thunderball” jet pack

Who hasn’t wanted to own a jet pack? It’s the most practical invention for enabling humans to fly without having to board a vehicle. Jet packs actually do exist, but you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny to get one for yourself.

The “Star Trek” replicator

The replicator is what we wish scanners will become one day. Sure, there are now 3-D scanners than can create three dimensional images from objects, but the replicator was on a whole different level. While “Star Trek” might not be a spy movie per se, the replicator is definitely something any spy would love to have. Heck, anyone would.

The “Spy Kids” watches

These watches could do just about anything. Sure, technology is getting to the point where watches will be able to be used for television and Internet access, but they still won’t be able to shoot lasers like these could.

The “Mission: Impossible” exploding chewing gum

The explosive chewing gum is probably the most practical bomb that was every designed on the big screen. A stick of gum is much easier to carry around than a grenade, and you don’t need to pull the pin – just chew it, toss it and blow something up instantly.

The “The World is Not Enough” x-ray glasses

X-ray glasses would become a real problem if they fell into the wrong hands. While James Bond uses them to see if people are hiding weapons under their garments, these could practically be used to see anything hiding under your garments. Perhaps government officials and airport personal already have similar gadgets, but don’t expect x-ray glasses to hit the regular consumer market any time soon.

The “You Only Live Twice” cigarette dart gun

This is probably the single coolest weapon that has ever been used by a spy, and of course, it was Mr. Bond who used it. All he needs to do is light his cigarette, which looks like any other cigarette, and boom – a rocket shoots out of it and kills his enemy. Unfortunately, the smoking bans of today might make it hard for Mr. Bond to use this weapon these days – especially indoors.

The “I Spy” video camera contact lenses

If you look at this spy gear practically, there’s almost no way that it could work without impairing your vision at least at bit. But anything is possible on the silver screen. These video camera contact lenses allow spies to record and stream what they are seeing so that their colleagues and bosses and see exactly what the spy is seeing in real time.

The “Our Man Flint” lighter

According to Flint, the lighter had 83 different things that it could do. Even though we don’t get to see all of them, we do see a few. Flint uses the handy lighter to set explosions and even cut through solid steel.

Did we miss anything? Let us know your favorite Spy Movie gadget in the comments below!

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