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Wi-Fi Spy Camera – The Ultimate Nanny Spy Cam

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Wi-Fi Spy Camera – The Ultimate Nanny Spy Cam

The ultimate and most innovative full-featured surveillance system is the Wi-Fi Invisible Night Vision Clock Camera & DVR. This is cutting-edge technology hidden right in your clock and is a parent’s dream come true! There is no need to worry when leaving your children at home with a nanny or babysitter because you can easily check on them by streaming the live video through the app on your smartphone.

For parents who work and would like to spy on their nanny and children while they work, can easily do so by using their Android smartphone, iPhone or tablet. With the most revolutionary spy technology hidden inside the alarm clock, your nanny or sitter will not know they are being watched.

This HD 1080P IR Desk Clock Wi-Fi Camera is very easy to set-up, and you do not need to join any monthly monitoring service to stream the video and audio. It is easy enough to connect your spy alarm clock to your Wi-Fi, but if for some reason you do not have Wi-Fi, you can use the camera’s own Wi-Fi to transmit the video and audio up to 250 feet.

One of the most exceptional features of the spy cam clock is that it has remarkable invisible night vision technology. The Wi-Fi Invisible Night Vision Clock Camera & DVR will effectively record video even in low light providing quality night-time videos any time. This is ideal technology when a babysitter is sitting with your children at night. Therefore, when away from your children at home, you can easily check on them by using the compatible spy cam app on your smartphone whether there is light in the room or not.

 What about adults who have elderly family staying with them and they have a caretaker who comes to the home to take care of their loved one while they are at work? The spy cam alarm clock is ideal for families who are curious about what takes place when they are not home with their elderly family member. It is unfortunate that elder abuse does take place, but you can easily help avoid it by having a sophisticated spy cam sitting in the room with your loved one, so you can make sure they are receiving the proper care while you are not home.

The Wi-Fi Invisible Night Vision Clock Camera & DVR is high-quality spy cam technology that is hidden within the clock. It is well hidden, so whoever you are spying on will not know you are watching them. You can easily stream the video and audio through the free app on your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, the video can be stored on a MicroSD card, which is sold separately to watch the video any time. This way, if you need proof of an incident, you will have it stored on the card to view any time needed. Protect your family by having this leading-edge technology in your home working for you when you are away from your family. For more information, click here.

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