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Mini USB Voice Activated Sound Recorders with OTG Function

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Memory Size

Mini USB Voice Activated Sound Recorders with OTG Function

Ready to record sounds and conversations the easy and reliable way? This super small voice recorder is portable and truly simple to use.

A single switch turns the recorder on and off and automatically voice activation is enabled. Sound recording is clear and conversations are better thanks to its background noise reduction feature.

A long rechargeable battery lets you record for up to 24 hours on a full charge and the included 16GB memory supports up to 188 hours of recording space. Need more time between recording time? Our mini voice recorder supports up to 64GB memory cards so you can record a maximum of 752 hours!!

Portable and discrete, our USB sound recorder supports MAC and Windows playback and even android OTG. Operate using battery for up to 24 hours or plug in to a powered USB port and record while charging for as long as 12+ days.

USB Sound Activated Voice Recorder Features:

  • Includes 16GB or 32GB Memory
  • Automatic Voice Activation
  • Background Noise Reduction
  • Supports MAC and Windows
  • Supports Android OTG
  • Supports Record while Charging
  • Supports up to 64GB Memory Cards

USB Mini Voice Recorder Specifications:

  • Battery life: 24 hours
  • 8GB/94 hours|16GB/188 hours|32GB/376 hours|64GB/752 hours
  • Recording Type: .WAV


Ask a Question
  • Is battery life being used when not recording? Or will I have to charge every single day? Or can it last a couple days if not recording a lot?

    Thanks for reaching out! For this voice recorder the battery is always active when in the ON position. Voice activation pertains to the recording of sound, however your battery will run for up to 23 hours and then will need to be recharged. If you need more operation time, you can plug the recorder to a power source (outler or external battery) and record. There are other recorders that will have longer battery life, however you may get less recording time.

  • How long will it take to reach in kisii

    Exact delivery times are hard to provide for international destinations. Most international deliveries occur within 3-7 days but can vary based on the location and customs processes.

  • Describe the " voice activated sound" technology? Does it start recording soon as it hear sounds?

    Hello! sound activated means that as soon as it hears a sound that is loud enough to resemble a human voice, this voice recorder will start recording. It will keep recording for as long as sound is present. Once sound stops, it will stop and wait for the next sound to be heard to start recording again.

  • Can this be used without being seen - if its hidden somewhere?

    Hello! You can definately use this voice recorder discretely. It is small and light weight so you can get very creative on how you hide it. The battery will allow you about 23 hours of operation and if you can find a discrete place to connect to a power source (like with a wall charger ) you can record for as long as you have memory, which will be at the very least 1 week.