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Personal Alarm - Personal Safety Siren - Screamer

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Personal Alarm - Personal Safety Siren - Screamer

Our tiny personal alarm is a portable screamer that you and your kids should not go without. Easy to attach to a purse, backpack or keychain; the SpySite personal safety alarm is ready to blast its 120dB emergency alarm whenever you need it.

This little emergency alert siren can be triggered in two different ways to ensure you maximum flexibility when it matters most. To make it even more functional, the mini personal alarm pendant comes with a practical LED light and a keychain too.

When ask how we would react in a dangerous situation we tend to think of ourselves as capable of thinking clearly and being able to make decisions as well as being able to call for help or otherwise bring attention to our peril. The truth is that no one really knows what will happen and how will one react.

Some will be empowered and become their own hero and that of others, while the majority of people will panic and freeze. Sometimes people can't even call out for help!

That is where all these little gadgets come in to save the day. Something as simple as this personal alarm can cause an attacker to back off when the siren is engaged. 

The effects of an emergency screamer like this are non-lethal and its safe for children to use regardless of their age. Teaching good usage habits to your kid could even prevent abduction!

The siren concept is designed to give anyone a little more attention power. Now a days there is so much noise everywhere that even if one calls out for help, others may not be able to tell whether you are in need of assistance. With this emergency alert system you can ensure that people will notice you and your emergency.

Fallen and can get up? Do you think people will come to the rescue? You would be surprised how many times someone is on the floor in need of help and people just don't notice them. With your alert system you can request help in any situation.


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