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Professional Wireless Camera & Cellphone Detector

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Professional Wireless Camera & Cellphone Detector

Are your students cheating on exams by texting each other the answers? Do you have a strict no cellphone policy? Are you concerned about your privacy?

If you have answered yes to any of these, you need this detector! Our professional detector is calibrated to detect GSM and CDMA cellphone networks unlike other detectors you might be considering. That means you can detect not only cellphones but cameras that use cellular service to send out videos or images without your knowledge. These networks are also found on remote listening microphones and more commonly in GPS tracking systems.

Our privacy monitoring tool lets you scan for GPS tracking devices in many ways and even includes a dormant GPS detection feature for those hard to find GPS systems. 

The RF detection range is an impressive 1MHz to 8,000 MHz; that means you can detect cameras running on popular frequencies such as 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz and even 5.8GHz!

Most cellphone detectors are detecting radio frequencies but fail to look for CDMA networks. CDMA networks (particularly used by Verizon and a few other carriers) are networks that use signal hoping, that makes them particularly difficult to detect. Please note that this detector has tested flawlessly with smart phones, however some flip phones may be more difficult to detect specially within heavy signal areas.

Easy to use and portable. You can take the signal detector with you whereever you go. The rechargeable battery lasts 15-25 hours and the design is compact enough to put in your pocket, bag or purse.

Corporate espionage is real and it can cost your business millions of dollars! Do a quick scan of a meeting room prior to discussing confidential information or unveiling of sensitive data. Your meeting room is now secure from unwanted cameras or wireless transmissions that can ruin your next big unveiling.

A perfect tool for detectives that need effective and affordable debugging equipment. This device is a fantastic camera detector, because it detects wireless cameras, wireless microphones, wifi signals, RF signals, cellphones and GPS; including dormant signals.

Personal Camera Detector Features:

  • Detects RF, GSM and CDMA signals
  • Wide range sweep for bugs from 1MHz-8GHz.
  • Detects wireless hidden video cameras
  • Alarm alert mode
  • Also sweeps and detects WiFi Bluetooth and GSM bugs.
  • Small light weight and portable size.
  • Detecting sensitivity adjustable
  • Built in Li-Ion Battery
  • Includes: Detector, charging cable and instructions.

Portable Bug Detector Specifications:

  • Frequency Range 1 MHz – 8.0 GHz
  • Detecting Dynamic Range >73 Db
  • Detection Sensitivity < or = 0.03mw (main frequency band)
  • Detection Range 2.4GHz wireless camera: 10m2 (standard 10mW)
  • 1.2GHz wireless camera: 15m2 (standard 10mW)
  • Mobile Signal: 2G, 3G, 4G 3-15m2
  • Battery Internal Li-Ion 3.7V 60mA
  • Full charge will last 15-25 hours
  • Material ABS Plastic
  • Weight 90 grams
  • Dimensions 120x60x25mm


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