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Super Ear - Bionic Ear Sound Amplifier & Monocular

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Listen from far away, see it and record it too!

A great investigative tool this sound amplifier is also ideal for bird watchers, hunting, camping and so much more. 

Compact dish sound amplification that lets you hear a conversation up to 300 feet away! That is as far as a football field! Best of all, not only is this bionic ear and booster capable of picking up sounds that far it also has an integrated 8X magnification monocular and a built in recorder so you don't fumble with lots of gear.

While the built-in recorder allows for 12 seconds of recording and loops over previous recordings, that might be all you need to record. When using this item for surveillance purposes we recommend you also purchase one of our voice recorders so you can record for as long as your investigation detail may need. 

Bionic Ear with Booster Features:

  • 100 meter sound amplification
  • 8X monocular magnification
  • 12 second recorder builtin
  • Uses standard 3.5mm headphones
  • Ultra light plastic construction
  • Uses 9V battery

In the Box:

  • Qty 1 Bionic ear with booster dish & monocular
  • Qty 1 Headphones
  • Qty 1 User's manual


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  • Can i have a voice recorder and headphones hook up at the same time?

    Yes, you can. You will just need a dubbing cable to connect the recorder